It's not personal Sonny... It's stricly business...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Nov 18, 2005.


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    It's not personal Sonny... It's stricly business...
    I know there are pro's and con's regarding Terrell Owens in Dallas.

    Bottom line is HE CAN HELP. Lets face it. Our offense is STILL anemic - has been for about 10 years now. THAT A DECADE.

    If TO came in and was the go to guy that would work. Key and Glenn and Crayton STILL get theirs.

    Maybe Key and T.O. could become a dynamic duo for Bill. I think Bill sees that... I think Jerry sees that.

    It's not personal Sonny... It's stricly business...
  2. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Ill pass

    and so is Bill
  3. Jimz31

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    Nope...nothing personal....just that no business worth anything would take on an employee that has done this with EVERY job (other teams) that he has had.

    It'll be interesting to see what boneheaded GM gives him the contract that he is wanting.

    The smart GM will give him a contract structured to the teams benefit.

    Nope nothing personal....just business.
  4. Qwickdraw

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    I'd rather have anemia than cancer.

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    Good One! Anemia Rather Than Cancer! I Like That!

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Both are poor are QOL
  7. AbeBeta

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    Bad business, bringing in a guy who is about nuthin' but me me me.
  8. mr.jameswoods

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    No thanks! I would like to be America's team again. If you win with TO, you are not America's team any longer. When we won in the 70's and in 1992, we were worshipped as heros. When we won in 93' and 95', we were the overpaid and arrogant team and some of that criticism was true with Deion being flamboyant as heck and Irvin getting busted for coke and prostitutes. Barry Switzer, Jerry Jones doing obnoxious Donald Trump-like commercials was just too much.

    I'm sorry but image does matter to me. I'm not puritan but I like the team we have now. I want to be able to celebrate a Superbowl by winning the right way with classy guys.

    I like how Jerry Jones has cleaned up our image and has shown a no tolerance policy for thugs, drugs and spoiled brats.
  9. burmafrd

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    Only MORONS want that cancer here. Actually, anyone that wants the piece of crap on this team must be a FORESKIN FAN.
    BEST way to destroy a team that has been working well together is to bring garbage like that into it. SO ANYONE THAT WANTS TO WANTS THE BOYS TO LOSE.
  10. Jack-Reacher

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    How do you really feel? LOL

    I think Moron is a strong word for it. I understand wanting his talent, but personally, I am dead set against it. I would rather have a run like the Eagles have had getting close but not getting there OR losing once you get there. That may seem ignorant to those of you that support bringing TO here, but character matters to me.

    It isn’t just that I don’t want TO on this team I don’t want him the NFL period. I believe that nobody is worth all the trouble he brings. If TO gets a multi-million dollar long term deal, which he very well might, what kind of precedent does that set? Look at how bad Major League Baseball was hurt when the players went on strike. The public viewed it as a bunch of Millionaires complaining. To the common person TO wanting a new deal would be akin to his complaining that he cannot close his wallet because he has too many $50.00s in it.

    We already have too many ridiculous end zone celebrations. The game is becoming more about individuals rather than the team. I find this very sad. Today’s NFL is not the game I learned to play as a kid and fell in love with. The NFL could very well start a downward slide much like the NBA has with all of the thugs and gangsta’s and individual selfishness involved now. I sincerely hope that isn’t the case, but the TO signing could help nudge the league in that direction. I say make an example of him. Let him sit at home and wonder what happened. It would send a clear message to the rest of the league that this kind of behavior is NOT rewarded. Pipe dream I know, but it needs to happen.

    I would find it very difficult to stay a fan of this team if they bring him here. That sounds harsh and if you knew me well you would know how hard that statement is for me to make. I just do not see the value in rewarding him, when he constantly proves that he is not mentally able to keep his composure.

    There, I finally weighed in on this issue. Those of you that were waiting anxiously for my opinion have finally received it….. hmmm wait a sec I don’t think my wife reads this forum. LOL

  11. notherbob

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    I posted this on another thread but it seems just as appropriate here:

    I don't understand why anyone would want to sign T. O. when Abu Musab al-Zarkawi is clearly available - he hasn't signed anywhere to my knowledge. He may not be able to catch as well as T. O., but he could damn sure blow up defenses and would be at least as honorable as T. O. and probably less demanding and obnoxious and would be less of a cancer to the team.
  12. dbair1967

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    oh wow...another TO thread


  13. Reality

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    I disagree with this completely. One bad game does not justify calling this offense "anemic" .. in fact, go back and look at the rushing totals of Tomlinson and Portis against the same Eagle defense. Bledsoe was like 17 for 24 with around 200 yards passing and he has had several 200+ and 300+ yard passing games this season.

    To me, the problem is the lack of aggresive play-calling at key times in games.
  14. CaptainAmerica

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    I love the anemia/cancer comment. Good one!

    For me, I'll leave it to the expert. The man who has tamed more malcontents than any other coach in football. If Tuna thinks we need him, that's fine with me and I'll look forward to a bunch of 50+ yard receptions and TDs.
    If Tuna says, "No thanks", I'll support that decision and look forward to seeing T.O.'s "unique" effect on his next team.
  15. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    if parcells couldnt find a way to keep antonio bryant then theres no chance he will keep TO
  16. Jersey

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    Why on earth would we want him? I guess some dopes who call themselves fans, want him so they can plug him into their Madden line-up. What's Charlie Manson doing these days, can he improve our special teams?
  17. Scotman

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    Signing TO to the Cowboys just because he gets things right alot, doesn't hesistate to glorify himself when he is successful and refuses to admit mistakes this really what y'all want?

    How many of you would have signed NORS to the Zone?

    Sorry NORS. :D I'm just busting your chops. For the most part, you crack me up. I especially like the blog thread. I'm right there with you on that one. :D
  18. CaptainAmerica

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    No comparison in the two players, here is my thought on it from a post the other day...
  19. dbair1967

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    Reality, its been more than one game...they were so-so vs Washington...they were poor vs Oakland, they were lackluster against the Giants, they were poor vs Seattle and they were extremely poor Monday night in 4 of our 9 games we've managed only one offensive TD and in a 5th game we scored but 2 offensive TD's

    the playcalling has been far from perfect, but our OL just cant run block worth a flip and the pass protection is inconsistent...I've though all offseason that Tony Sporano was a poor hire as OL coach, and through 9 ganes I think its safe to say thats held true

  20. DLCassidy

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    We're 6-3, about what it should be. But you have to say it's a team that is a ways away from being championship quality. Why? We're committed to running but we're not very good at it. We're committed to protecting Bledsoe but we're just ok at it. We're committed to rushing the passer but we're not consistent with it. Our run defense has been gashed by Oakland and Philly. Play calling is predictable at times, often key times. We've had problems kicking FG's and our opponents are virtually flawless. So....

    I can't see how Owens helps Tucker to pass block. I can't see how Owens helps Johnson not get overpowered. I can't see how Owens makes Rivera worth big $. I can't see how Owens makes Petitti not a rookie. I can't see how Owens help's JJ's ankle. I can't see how Owens arrival makes KJ happy. I can't see how opening a 3 ring circus for a guy who doesn't know our offense makes Parcells job easier. Odds are this boring discussion is moot because he ain't coming here anyway.

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