It's Official. It's Palin.

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Heisenberg, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hostile

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    Oooh weeeeeeeeee, a very staunch GOP friend of mine is against this. I've never seen him so pissed. He doesn't even want to talk politics with me and he always wants to do that.
  2. Dallas

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    You really believe Obama when he says he's gonna do all that change in DC? This after the man has flipped and flopped like a dead halibut on the bottom of my boat?

  3. Bach

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    Well, first, there's no grounds Obama will deliver the change that Obama is promising.
  4. Dallas

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    Odd- He won't tell you why he is so upset about it?
  5. zrinkill

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    Most do understand it ...... the Obamacons on this board will never admit it though.

    This is absolutely horrible for them ..... someone even younger, more dynamic, just as charismatic, just as good looking, with no questionable ties, and to top it all off, has actually accomplished things on a scale that Obama has never even seen.

    I did not think McCain would have the guts to do this ..... I am so glad I was wrong.

    Palin is "change" for the better ..... Washington politics is about to meet their match.
  6. Danny White

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    No offense to your friend, but that's just dumb.

    For any moderate to conservative Republican, she's a God-send. She's miles better than any of the other candidates that were being mentioned.
  7. bbgun

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    "I would add that Obama does not need to be arguing how important experience is. Let me also add that when Tim Kaine, who has exactly the same experience as Palin, was treated by the Media and the Dems as a serious and acceptable potential pick, it opens up charges of a double standard."

    Who said this? Bill O'Reilly? Sean Hannity? Nope. A TalkLeft blogger.
  8. Hostile

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    Point blank, he said "a woman should never be in position to be in The White House. What is she going to know about the complexities of war?"

    He is a WWII vet. Old school.

    I told him I liked the choice and it made him mad. Of course he's been mad ever since McCain won. I told him it's good for Arizona that McCain won. He doesn't want to hear it. Huckabee man.
  9. WoodysGirl

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    It's certainly re-energized the Republican base. Should make the election debates alot more interesting, if nothing else. I may actually watch them.

    I'm still meh on both. Got issues with both presidential candidates. I think I'll pay alot more attention to the congressional fights as that will have alot more impact on whatever the new president attempts to enact.
  10. MetalHead

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    ...And I'm Brad Pitt,right?
  11. Bach

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    Well, a draft dodger like Bill Clinton was in the W.H. for 8 years, so why not a woman?
  12. theogt

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    I'd love to get in deep with her sometime.
  13. Dallas

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    Someone has taken over Theo's account. This is not Theo. This is Hugh Hefner. :mad:
  14. bbgun

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    Devil's advocate argument from NRO.

    Cold Water on Palin [Ramesh Ponnuru]

    Both the pros and the cons are pretty obvious. I’m going to focus on the cons, mostly because conservatives right now seem to be paying them less attention.

    The pros: She’s a pro-life conservative reformer from outside Washington, and a woman. The pick signals a boldness and willingness to mix things up that the McCain campaign, like Republicans generally, need.

    The cons:

    Inexperience. Palin has been governor for about two minutes. Thanks to McCain’s decision, Palin could be commander-in-chief next year. That may strike people as a reckless choice; it strikes me that way. And McCain's age raised the stakes on this issue.

    As a political matter, it undercuts the case against Obama. Conservatives are pointing out that it is tricky for the Obama campaign to raise the issue of her inexperience given his own, and note that the presidency matters more than the vice-presidency. But that gets things backward. To the extent the experience, qualifications, and national-security arguments are taken off the table, Obama wins.

    And it’s not just foreign policy. Palin has no experience dealing with national domestic issues, either. (On the other hand, as Kate O’Beirne just told me, we know that Palin will be ready for that 3 a.m. phone call: She’ll already be up with her baby.)

    Tokenism. Can anyone say with a straight face that Palin would have gotten picked if she were a man?

    Compatibility. It doesn’t seem as though McCain knows Palin well. Do we have much reason to think they would work well together?

    Debates. Maybe, as Jonah said the other day, Biden will look like a bully going up against her—and maybe she’ll shine. But I can think of a lot of other picks who would have been lower-risk.

    I am not even sure that the pick will have quite the galvanizing effect on conservatives that it seems to be having now as it sinks in. The concerns I’ve mentioned here—about her readiness and her credentials—are the kind of thing that many conservative voters take seriously.

    Now, as I said, there are pros too. Maybe Palin will be a terrific candidate and vice president. But let’s not underestimate the potential downside.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Respectfully disagree. The Clinton's ran that "Change" speech right through the front door of th white house.

    Yeah it was a smart counter move... only made available by Obama not picking Hillary.

    Who says people vote logically?

    It will this time.
  16. NinePointOh

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    Women don't just fawn over anyone who shares their anatomy, or else President Mosely-Braun would be finishing up her first term right now. It'sa little bit insulting to assume that they'll go all Beatle-mania over just any woman, even if she's vastly different than the woman they wanted in the first place.
  17. Ben_n_austin

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    I'd be surprised if you could even get that soldier to salute. :) That said, it seems like you have good reason to cast a vote for her.
  18. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I can't see women who are pro choice voting for an anti-choice VP just because the anti-choice VP has a ****** and not a *****.
  19. Dallas

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    Canada! Hello. You aren't supposed to understand. Its AMERICAN POLITICS.

    Something that doesn't concern you at all but here you are all rarRRRr over it. ;)
  20. zrinkill

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    It did not take long for the lewd remarks to start.

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