It's official - Kiffin new DC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Coy, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. TtownCowboy

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    Guess I'm referring to the $ quote. Not anything about vision. To me your post made it sound like Norm was stating its all about money ie: Jerry being a penny pincher. That just did not fly with what he said just 2 hours ago.
  2. Gaede

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    Guess I'm one of the few who really likes this.

    OC, on the other hand, needs some attention.
  3. The Quest for Six

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    chances are Kiffin will be the one in need of medical attention......
  4. JonJon

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    We really have no other choice to be honest. That core is obviously the youngest and most talented of the defensive unit. It's the DL and S positions that need help, and apparently this will be the focus of the draft.
  5. Sportsbabe

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    I'm very sure how I feel about it. The same way I was very sure about having one of Buddy's Boys. I was like "whoopee"!!! We're going to be dangerous!!! We're going to be nasty!!! We were wimpy at best.

    Now we have Jed Clampett and Matlock together in the same space. Very exciting.
  6. RGKN33

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    So true .

    Wow you sound like me .

    I started a thread about the same thing and nobody agreed with me .

  7. Zimmy Lives

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    Norm has always stated that he loves Jerry the owner. He has also stated that he hates Jerry the GM. I think most of us would agree.
  8. SkinsHokieFan

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    This move makes no sense.

    1) You guys need to beef up the d-line and generate a pass rush out of a 4 man front

    2) Who is the cover MLB? Is it Lee? can he stay on the field?

    3) The safeties

    4) The 2 deep scheme, barring a Warren Sapp/Simeon Rice/Derrick Brooks front, or having an offense with Manning at QB, is begging to be run on with only 7 men in the box. I think Alfred Morris had his first 200 yard game against the Cowboys on December 30th
  9. dirtycallahan

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    If he can manage to get 11 players on the field that know what they are doing before the snap, I like the move.
  10. Mansta54

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    F Norm, he's a clown.
  11. reddyuta

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    I am not happy about this ,we never really implememted the 3-4 properly after ferguson got injured and Rat came in and had success at NT.We just created more problems and holes in the defense and our average safdties will be exposed brutally.
  12. Eddie

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    Let's hope for a bang-up draft. We need some ballers !!!

    Heck, we players all over this team.

    If this is the level of excitement Jerry is generating this off-season, it's going to be a serious snooze-fest. Why am I not excited over a 72 year old DC?
  13. Apollo Creed

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    Lol, sad thing is. I think Kiffin would win.

    Looking spry at 70+.

    Goofy, uncoordinated, talenteless, ugly. Advantage Kiffin.

    Incredibly average, has a pedo-smile. Advantage Kiffin.
  14. DFWJC

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    Skins just got dominated by this scheme in its last game.

    But you are correct in saying that Dallas needs some personnel upgrades. Lee is not one of them though.
  15. Zimmy Lives

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    I think we all agree to some extent that this team has no direction. Jason Garrett was my hope that the Cowboys could build an identity. My hope is fading...again.

    As long as Jerry keeps changing his mind about the direction of his team every time he changes his underwear, they will never have direction. As long as Jerry keeps looking at other teams for inspiration, this team will not develop an identity. As long as Jerry keeps listening to his so-called advisors, this team will never have a solid coach.
  16. Hostile

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    Because Dallas hired him. I am fairly certain that if Philly had you'd be talking about how our Offense should be cowering in abject fear and touting his accomplishments.
  17. wileedog

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    This is actually the only part that makes sense to me. Couple of seasons ago Lee had more INTs than our entire secondary, and getting him out of the muck against OGs as a 3-4 ILB will help him stay on the field.

    Carter can actually do it too.

    In fact these two I suspect are the impetus for the whole decision.
  18. Eddie

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    If Philly hired him, I wouldn't even have batted an eye.
  19. SkinsHokieFan

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    Skins got dominated once RG3 was on one leg or else a 60% RG3 was running over the Seahawks in the first quarter.

    Also Seattle has far superior personell on D. Dallas has a ways to go to reach that level.

    Seattle played a 1 FS man under D. 1 FS up top, 8-9 in the box.

    Monte calls for the 2 deep with the MLB racing backwards, essentially vacating the box. IF the Redskins choose to continue to utilize the read option scheme, it'll be easy pickings to give the ball to Morris and have him gain 7-9 yards a carry.

    Essentially what Oregon did to USC over and over and over back in November
  20. Joe Realist

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    I actually think this will help cost Garrett his job after 2013.

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