It's Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan again. Idiot Texans.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jimmy40, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. jimmy40

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    No Bush, no Young? The Cowboys just gained thousands of new fans from Houston.
  2. big dog cowboy

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  3. CowboyWay

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    Texans made the right move. What good is bush with that offensive line? What good is a Rolls Royce if you have to park it in a leaky garage?

    The texans are in the same division as the colts. You aren't going to outscore the colts. The only way to beat them is to try to shut them down with a great pass rush. AKA Mario Williams
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    I think Bush is the better pick.

    However it will be some time before we see who the better player will be.

    It could be the difference between Taking T.Blackledge over Marino.


    It could be like we were criticized for taking Aikman over another player that Kiper thought we should have taken....the Incredible Bulk.
  5. calico

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    Houston NEEDED Bush or Young. They needed someone for the fans to get excited about. Instead, they will have a half full stadium again and they will continue to pelt the owners and management with cups during the games.

    Bush would have been the better pick. Even if they had a bad line this year, that can change...but they will not get another chance for player on the same level as Bush or young again.
  6. Deep_Freeze

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    Well, one thing is for sure, this deal cost Houston money. I'm not talking about money for the contract, I'm talking about people in the stands.
  7. TruBlueCowboy

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    Not drafting a player because the line stinks is a terrible reason to skip out on the best talent available. You assume the line will eventually be there. Not knocking Mario Williams, though, because I've seen his impact while watching all the Lawson videos. Makes me very afraid to take a chance on Lawson because he seems to benefit so much from that pass rush on the other side.
  8. The30YardSlant

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    It was the right pick. They wised up and drafted for need, not want.

    Bush is good, but they already have a good RB, and while David Carr sucks, drafting Vince Young wont help them considering that offensive line they have and Young's inability to run away from NFL defenders like he could in college.
  9. JackMagist

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    By which time the #1 overall pick is out of the league because you ran him into the ground trying to get yards that the line should have been getting for him.

    RB is a last piece of the puzzle not a position to build around. You build around a QB and they already have that. If their line didn't suck so bad they would not need a RB because the would not have ruined D. Davis they way I just described.
  10. gbrittain

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    No one knows for sure what the future will bring. However, in Houston the careers of Vince Young, Reggie Bush and Mario Williams will forever be linked.

    If all three turn out to be HOF material, then it will probably not matter much. If all did turn out to be HOF material though, I can imagine there would be some regret passing on Vince Young hometown hero QB.

    If either Vince Young or Reggie Bush turn out All Pro and Mario busts then I really feel sorry for Houston...well I wont actually feel sorry for them, but I will laugh out loud.

    Of course if Mario Williams turns out to be the better of those three players then they will look like geniuses.

    The thing with Reggie and Vince is that they would have instantly been the face of the Texans. Mario has a lot to live up to.

    On a side note. Are any of you at least a little bit concerned about Mario Williams and/or Manny Lawson. Did Mario make Lawson? I dont think Lawson made Williams, but could he have made him look a bit better than he actually is?
  11. theogt

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    I'll put it this way. I'd rather face the Texans with Mario Williams than Reggie Bush.
  12. TruBlueCowboy

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    A little fella named Walter Payton played for a pretty %*#$#* Bears team for several years and did well for himself. ;) And Aikman never would have been a Cowboy going by you fellas logic.
  13. Eddie

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    You guys need to chill out with the rationalizations ... or should I say, irrationalizations.

    All you arm chair GM's just relax. Houston will be fine.
  14. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

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    If by "fine" you mean worst team in the NFL, then yes, I agree
  15. Da Hammer

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    I agree EXCEPT of course for the Vince Young part. They have a much bigger need at Defense or on OL than they do for a RB. Personally I think that if they weren't taking Young then they should have taken Ferguson but Williams filled a great need on D and should help them out tremendously. Although i'm sure Texans fans don't want to hear that right now but they shouldn't commit Suicide just yet
  16. TruBlueCowboy

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  17. theogt

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  18. Vintage

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    "We wish Jordan were 7-feet, but he isn't. There just wasn't a center available. What can you do? Jordan isn't going to turn this franchise around. I wouldn't ask him to. He's a very good offensive player, but not an overpowering offensive player."
    -- Rod Thorn, then Bulls general manager, after selecting Jordan in the 1984 NBA Draft (Chicago Tribune, June 20, 1984)

    Jordan worked very hard to become one of the league's best; he wasn't the best in his rookie class coming into the draft. No one had him pegged to be that good. Except, maybe MJ.
  19. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

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    What about the Vince Young part dont you agree with? That he cant run away from NFL defenders?

    He can't, he runs a 4.5 40, the same as half the LBs in this league
  20. jimmy40

    jimmy40 Well-Known Member

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    But Mario Williams will no doubt be able to do what he did in college?

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