It's time to call out Tony Romo about his stat-padding at the end of games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KB1122, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. KB1122

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    It probably would not have mattered today, but it is a bit of a trend with him, and it needs to be called out.

    Today, with less than a minute left and down nine and on the 10 or so yard line, Romo completes about 40-50 yards of meaningless passes to run out the clock. To win this game, we would have needed a long completion, but we didn't attempt one.

    Against the Chiefs, in a smiliar situation, he threw a dink passs to Murray. Earlier, at the end of the first half, around midfield, we took a knee and went in without throwing a hail mary.

    Last year, against Atlanta, he completes a 40 yard pass rather than throw the hail mary.

    Against Seattle, he completed about 3-3 on the last drive for X number of yards.

    In this situation today, and those two situations against the Chiefs, he must throw long.
  2. Jerryrage

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    I just don't think he can throw a deep ball right now. I think he is hurt as I posted in another thread. I'm not saying he should throw bombs all day like madden, however if a defense schemes against you not throwing deep then that limits your offense.
  3. EPL0c0

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    It's not like he's doing it on purpose. With a lead, late in games, Defenses are giving up the middle of the field, giving up those cheap yards and they're there.
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  4. CT Dal Fan

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    The Cowboys still needed two scores with no timeouts with 1:02 left. Let Romo get some stats, it was game over anyway.
  5. Smith22

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    The play calling seems to be more focused on a west coast type offense. The typical JG vertical passing game seems all but gone.
  6. Frozen700

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    Yes Romo sucks..... ramble ramble ramble

    Cowboys D just tries to rely on forcing turnovers.....ramble ramble ramble
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  7. Zordon

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    dude has a noodle arm. not surprised when your BF % is probably in the 30s.
  8. CATCH17

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    He's not going to throw it deep with safeties 30 yards deep.
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  9. Ender

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    Tony Romo is an average QB. I dont care about stats, i dont care about what his fans here say. He is an average QB right now. He is not a game changer. He is closer to a Alex Smith than to a Drew Brees right now.
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  10. theebs

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    You wanted him to throw a Hail Mary from his own 20 today and from his own 10 against kc?


    It's stat padding that happens all over the league when losing qb's get on the field with the game oer essentially and it has happened forever.
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  11. Smith22

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    And Romo drove us down the field just fine until the rookie fumbled the ball away. And I'm sick of people saying don't throw it to the rookie in that situation. If the coaches put the rookie out there and he works his way open, you just cant pretend you don't see him.
  12. Smith22

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    He played behind a defense today that couldn't get off the field during the 2nd half at all. Bad defensive scheme the second half and the defense appeared to be running on empty.
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  13. Super_Kazuya

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    This is silly.... you can't just go and complete bombs in prevent. You have to manage the field, get out of bounds and move up as fast as you can. No one is going to let you complete a 50 yard bomb down the sidelines (unless you're Raheem Moore).

    The only one I agree with you on is the KC game, where even though we had zero chance, you at least have to try to bomb it as far as you can in case we get a PI and can maybe attempt a long field goal.
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  14. Ender

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    Nope cant make an excuse for this offense...
  15. Zordon

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    i wanted him to get a ball to the 45 or 50. spike the ball. get a ball to the 35. kick a field goal then have 15-25 seconds to kick an onside kick and possible hail mary.

    even the romo apologist norm hitzges is questioning his ability to throw the long ball anymore on the post game.
  16. Clove

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    All you do is complain about fans who complain. At least talk about the game at some point in your life.
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  17. CaptainMorgan

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    We have the most misguided fans in all of football. Its just weird what folks tend to focus on.
  18. 03EBZ06

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    You picked a wrong game to ***** about his stat. He had no choice but to pass trying to get some score quickly.
  19. CyberB0b

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    Don't really know what to say. 14 points is inexcusable.
  20. Frozen700

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    I'm agreeing with the guy....Let's Ramble, and act hysterical
  21. zack

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    Why does this not surprise me. So, our defense was on the field the entire third quarter and it is Romo's fault. It is Romo's fault that Williams fumbled on the 2 yard line. It is Romo's fault that Witten dropped a ball off his chest in the third quarter.
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