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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Boysn066666666, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Now that T.O. is officially a Dallas Cowboy, it is time for us as loyal Cowboy fans to fully embrace him as the player that he is, and quite frankly, as the new leader of our team. I think that it's important that we get over his personal problems in the past and really appreciate the superstar addition we have made to our team.

    I truly believe that T.O will try his best to make sure that what happened in Philly doesn't happen here. He really appreciates the opportunity Dallas has given him by paying him the money he deserves, to play for a big name team that's on the rise. Although I'm sure there were many teams that were shying away from him due to his personality, T.O. being the talent that he is had many options, and he CHOSE Dallas. He's hungry for a ring and believe he will be a great fit for our system. I also believe that he respects Bill and JJ and it will be scary to see how good we are if and Bill and TO are on the same page.

    Quite frankly, the guy really isn't that bad of a guy, he's just very full of himself. He knows just how good he really is, and just wants the best for himself. He deserves another chance and now that we have given it to him, it's time to move forward with all the negative speculation.

    He will bring a swagger and confidence that this team has been missing for some time. Keyshawn had a little of it, but T.O will make people fear us.

    THE BOYS ARE BACK...Super Bowl 06?????
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    "Appreciate the talent that he brings to the team?" Yes. "Forget his past problems?" No.
    Only time will tell.
    "The money?" Yes.
    You're probably right about how teams shied away from Owens, but the only way that he will be a great fit here is if he chooses to be one. It's all on Owens.
    To date, Owens hasn't respected the management, coaches and certain players of both the San Francisco and Philadelphia franchises. This is also something which is up to Owens to prove here in Dallas.
    When one is full of excrement, they tend to use a laxative to gain some relief. Owens seems to like backed up bowels.
    He's been given another chance. It is up to Owens to prove that he deserves one.

    Negative speculation will decrease and/or disappear altogether if Owens decides to conform as a member of this team. If not, it will remain or increase. It's all on him.
    IF he stays on the field.
    Owens can definitely be a big part of that. Let's let him show us.
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    it's still a little premature.

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