It's Tuesday, I Hate TV, I'm Bored, Gonna Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 27, 2011.

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    I wasn't going to do any more mocks, but I am really bored without football news and I don't consider the pungent CBA stuff news any more. Just a bunch of fluff that is predictable and uninteresting.

    But mock drafts...always interest me.

    I do believe we're going to trade up to #6 for Patrick Peterson. You can call me stubborn. You can call me madly in love with a man crush. But you doesn't have to call me Johnson.

    I wonder if anyone will get that last line?

    #9 and #71 for #6 from Cleveland.

    #6. Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU, 6'1", 219. IMO the best player in this Draft by a wide margin and the best CB in a decade. It is a need, he is a stud, Jerry has the mojo, do the math. Peterson to Dallas happens. I think Newman is a cap saving cut, Huff and Sensy are the safety tandem.

    Jerry will trade down and recoup a 3rd round pick. Chargers move up from 50 and give us 89.

    #50. Kenrick Ellis, NT, Hampton, 6'5", 345.
    I am starting to believe this is a guy we really want and Rat will move to DE. In other words, he starts from day 1 and Brent is his back up.

    #89. Will Rackley, OT/OG, Lehigh, 6'3", 310. I've heard 2nd round. Not buying it. 3rd round is a perfect spot for him. Since we're not grabbing Smith or Castonzo in round 1 people will inevitably panic. Fear Not. Tyson Clabo in FA replaces Colombo. I do believe Young is seen as our future RT, so passing on RT in round 1 to get the guy we want and utilizing FA makes sense.

    #110. John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin, 6'4", 315. Rackley and Moffitt will eventually replace Davis and Kosier. Stable OL for a decade potentially.

    #143. Cecil Shorts III, WR, Mount Union, 6'0", 190. This kid is a weapon no matter where you use him. He will be awesome in the slot. He can work on both return teams and even can play RB or emergency QB. He has a nose for the endzone.

    #176. Mark Herzlich, ILB, Boston College, 6'4", 245.
    Born to play football. Non stop motor and a guy who has beaten cancer and will continue to improve. Could be Lee's stable mate for years.

    #220. Greg McElroy, QB, Alabama, 6'2", 225.
    Intelligent, driven, and has the pedigree I love. A perfect backup.

    #252. Byron Stingily, OT, Louisville, 6'5", 315. OT insurance and guy they can groom. A great project with low risk.
  2. lostinomiya

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    looks good...don't get your Johnson reference...does JJ have the money to get Clabo and Huff in FA?
  3. gimmesix

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    One of the things I like about the idea of moving up for Peterson is it means the Browns are likely moving down for Julio Jones. That keeps him out of the Redskins' hands.
  4. Hostile

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    Raymond Jay Johnson Jr.

    It was a comedy shtick back in the 80's.
  5. UnoDallas

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    You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me Johnny, or you can call me Sonny, or you can call me RayJay, or you can call me RJ, or you can call me RJJ or you can call me RJJ Jr., but you doesn't have to call me Johnson!

  6. Fla Cowpoke

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    You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, but you doesn't have to call me Johnson!

    Nice mock too!
  7. Dash28

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    Send it to Jerry, it's a done deal.

  8. Bigdog

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    Would love this mock but I have to disagree with you in regards to Rackley, Moffit, and McElroy. I think they may go earlier then when we pick. Maybe the same rd but some team will pick them before us. I hope not because I would love to have them on the team.
  9. gimmesix

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    BTW, Hos, based on the other players Dallas seems to be considering, I'll be jumping for joy if we trade up for Peterson.

    I'm just not sold on Watt or Smith as the ninth pick, and I don't like the idea of trading down for them that much (better than picking them ninth, though), either, because I'm just not sure of their impact.

    I don't mind Dallas trading back into the first and grabbing an offensive tackle or defensive end like Muhammad Wilkerson, but Peterson is the only early pick (of the group mentioned) that sizzles.

    Nick Fairley would be my other choice because I think he's an impact player. In the games I watched, he was the one player on Auburn's defense that teams just absolutely feared and couldn't handle. I can't believe his stock has fallen as much as it appears to have since the end of the season. He's just simply a beast. (Of course, I think the Titans are taking him with the eighth pick.)

    Would even prefer Julio Jones to Watt or Smith at 9, and we certainly don't need another receiver.
  10. realtick

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    Pretty ambitious mock, but I'm open to most anything that nets Peterson.
  11. Corleone

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    I would be insanely happy if this draft happened, especially because we got the best player in the draft and made a good attempt to add some youth to that line but I really hope that we get a starter in FA because I just don't trust Columbo to get back to form.

    Also, didn't Rob Ryan say Ratliff is going to be the NT? I would prefer to move him to end tbh.

    After this, we get Michael Huff, a RT, lock up Free, Sensy, Bowen, Spears and a few other peices for depth and this team is going to look pretty damn good. :star:

    My hopes anyway.
  12. Arch Stanton

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    With the current CBA mess I buy the trade up for Peterson. Until now I have been against it, but now with the lunatics running the asylum I don't see a resolution to the dispute any time soon ~ so no cap.

    I wouldn't bother with cutting Newman. You cannot have too many corners. He's a smart guy who can be a positive influence on Peterson.

    The only pick I wouldn't make would be Ellis. I don't buy that we need another NT ~ mainly as I am a huge Brent guy. :)

    Nice mock. Is it Thursday yet?
  13. gimmesix

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    Plus, we just don't know if Jenkins is going to bounce back. If Jenkins had a great year last year, I'd have less problem cutting Newman.
  14. Corleone

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    That's true, IF Jenkins doesn't get back to his near shutdown form, we will seriously need Peterson. I really like Scandrick as a third CB, he seems like the perfect fit there. If we got Peterson, T. New could be cut but if there is no cap why not keep him just in case? If Jenkins does get going again, he and Peterson would be an amazing combo.
  15. jswalker1981

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    I could really go for that draft, and especially an offseason like that.
  16. pupulehaole

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    I would faint
  17. Manwiththeplan

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    Pretty good, but I'd swap with say Houston so I can keep #71 and then pick up their 4th.
  18. Gaede

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    Awesome mock, they keep getting better
  19. laythewood28

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    Is Clabo really an option? I read he is Atlanta's number 1 priority. Can we afford to sign both Huff and Clabo as well as sign Doug free to a new deal? Much rather have a tackle in the second and try and find a NT in the later rounds.
  20. Avery

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    The funny thing is that PP's name coming out of high school was Patrick Johnson.

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