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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mperfection, May 20, 2004.

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    That some fans on this board would go to the lengths they have gone in expressing their displeasure for Carter, especially in response to Matt Mosley's article in the DMN yesterday entitled "McNabb Steering Carter on Course". I'm not necessarily a huge Quincy Carter fan--strictly from a performance point of view and not from a personal one--but some of the comments I read were just plain ridiculous.

    It's o.k. that you may not necessarily like Quincy Carter as a football player and would probably prefer another starting quarterback, but some of us on this message board would be better off just moving on to other threads rather than expressing some of the things that have been said about Carter, and calling it an "opinion".

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    Damn, another QB thread this is getting old
    :mad: DO NOT REPLY!!! :mad:

    Just go back and read the other 500 threads on the QB debate.
    It's all the same.​
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    The door swings both ways.
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    I can't believe the threads go SO LONG when it comes to Q-man. Such a dislike for a guy who has done nothing but ... Oh. I don't know. Led his team to a playoff birth, started EVERY game for the Boys. (Think about how Dallas would have been up **** creek if Q-man went down.) I don't wanna think about it. He has improved every year and this year has no excuses. I hope he succeeds and He will. Same offensive scheme, NO EXCUSES. Better Offensive line, NO EXCUSES. Better RB, NO EXCUSES. Plain and simple. You would think that Q-man was the next coming of Ryan Leaf.. Geeze.
  5. Hostile

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    Read the outlandish things that are being responded to in those threads. Hopefully you will understand.

    You can always ignore them too. Not worth getting your stomach acid upset if you want to know the truth.

    Some of us enjoy the debates. There are plenty of threads where you can agree with every word.

    BTW, ever been to the Political Zone forum? Proof that it is debate that drives the thread.

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