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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by haasbro, Sep 26, 2005.

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    I listened to the description of Tom Brady's performance on yesterday against the Steelers from the Sportscenter folks. I can't help but insert Drew Bledsoe's name in place of Brady's based on his performance on yesterday. A less experienced quarterback may have been gun shy after the pick before the half. However, Bledsoe showed the heart and leadership that I think a season can be built off of.

    I consider myself a football guy. With that in mind, it will become interesting to see how the team grows over the season. Payton's play calling seemed to have the Niner's on their heels at times. Julius in earning tough yards now. Glenn is Glenn, Crayton continues to impress, Whitten remains a threat. Price hasn't been introduced to the offense as of yet. What happens if and when we get this thing figured out?

    Still, I eagerly await each Sunday to watch the ultimate male soap opera unfold.
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    You had me at Hello? ;)
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    so......which part were you waiting to hear from someone??? lol As long as Bledsoe as been around, he should know that at any given time you are one play way from being in the game, or you should be unless you're getting your arse handed to you. He knows how to not dwell on stuff like an INT. That has come in very handy for us in these down to the wire games!

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