Ive finally went nuts from it all!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Avenging Hayseed, Jan 9, 2013.

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    This team sometimes,......I tell ya! :D

    As a 40 year die hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys and football in general Ive seen alot of things. Seen alot of players, coaches, schemes, come and go. But I gotta tell ya,....I aint never seen nuthin like this lately! LOL

    Football at its core is a very simple game. Lineplay, both offensive and defensive is the very essence of the sport. ALWAYS has been,...ALWAYS will be.

    The offensive and defensive lines are where games have always been won or lost. EVERYTHING else is merely window dressing so to speak.

    This is why I always say that football teams should always be built from the inside out instead of the outside in.

    Offensive line, QB, R.B. Thats where it all starts on offense.

    The reason you do this is because at least that way you have the ability to run the ball. IF you can run the ball,...you are at least IN every game. To say nothing of the running game opening up the most successful passing play ever devised......PLAY ACTION.

    Look at RG3 for a second. Do you know why his passing stats are as good as they were? Because in the pistol offense EVERY DAMN PLAY is a chance for play action. He fakes the handoff to the r.b,....then there is the threat of HIM running,...and it freezes the L.B's and safeties. Opens up HUGE passing lanes that just about anyone can complete passes in. Anyone at all almost.

    On defense you also build inside out. D.T,s, M.L.B, and a safety. You do this because at the very least,...you can always stand a pretty good chance of stopping the run. You stop the run and you are always AT LEAST in the game with a chance to win.

    Once you have established your interior you go out and fill those outside/edge positions. Do that right and you have a chance to win alot of meaningful games including Superbowls.

    But the whole thing starts up front. ALWAYS has.

    It doesnt matter so much what scheme we run or who coaches it,...not saying it doesnt matter at all, just saying that if you do not build your interior you cannot be SOUND,...and if you are not sound.....YOU CANT WIN. At least not consistently.

    Ive grown very weary of debating this FACT with folks, in fact I refuse to even do it anymore. It just astounds me sometimes that this isnt something that EVERYONE should know. Its soooooooo simple, soooooooo true, yet so many refuse to accept it as truth.

    Wanna win some games? BUILD DOMINANT lines and control the LOS. Wanna screw around and go 8-8 every year? Keep doing what were doing. Simple as that.
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    No, no, no,,, fire all the coaches and sign more UDFAs to the trenches, that's how ya do it.
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    Been a fan since 1972, it is so sad what this organization has become. What was once a proud organization and an honor for the players to wear the :star:, has become a shadow of its former self. We are now the joke of the entire league. Jerry and his merry men have brought us to this state. I hope this thing gets turned around quickly, because it is very painful watching this organization year in and year out.:bang2:
  4. Avenging Hayseed

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    Truth is.....Ryans schemes were unsound. Hell....Im GLAD he's gone. If we could somehow, some way get Lovie in here to coach up this defense I would be all for it. Very sound defense that has stood the test of time.

    And Garretts offense? Not really sound either in alot of ways. Nowhere near the attention to the running game that is needed. Which reduces the effectiveness of the play action game to say nothing of the fact that it gets our QB's brains beat in. I would be all for bringing Norv in to run the offense. Think it would be one of the best things to happen for our team in a long time. Think it would be GREAT for Garrett too as I still believe he has it within him to be a VERY successful head coach.
  5. Avenging Hayseed

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    I saw something this season that just about made me lose my lunch. " THINK" it was in the second New York game. It was 3rd and LESS than a yard. About 2 feet to be exact. Very critical down as we were driving to retake the lead.

    At the snap of the ball do you know what the Giants did? They peeled off and dropped into COVERAGE!! :eek:

    Think about that for a second. THAT! should NEVER happen! EVER. And you know what? They were RIGHT! :bang2:

    They KNEW ahead of time that we were going to PASS THE FRIGGGGGGGGGGGGGING ball on third down and TWO FEET!

    And they shut it down.

    If that doesnt turn your stomach,......nothing will. Talk about having ZERO respect for our running game and a track record of putting the ball in the air on third and FEET!

    Not good,....not good at all. In fact that single play right there can pretty much define whats wrong with this team.
  6. lane

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    great post..

    i can tell that this post has some liquid encouragement.:)

    you are right as alabama proved monday night.

    it all starts and ends with a great offensive line.
  7. TwoDeep3

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    I have no problem with the Ryan firing. I also agree with you 100% that if you want this team to take the next step, it is having tough lines and get the running attack geared up.

    What I personally think is Garrett cannot make that happen. We'll see if they hire someone who can.

    But I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that if this offense gins under a new OC, there will be people telling us all it was Garrett who made that happen.
  8. Avenging Hayseed

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    Actually no, believe it or not. Just years/ decades of frustration finally setting in! LOL

    I did have to try and inject a little humor into the posts though. Sometimes laughing is the only way to stop yourself from CRYING! :D
  9. lane

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    i feel ya bro!

    right there with ya.
  10. Avenging Hayseed

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    Great post. Agree on Everything.

    One thing for sure. Norv NEVER put Troy into the kind of situations that Garrett has put Romo into. Never even came close to asking Troy to do the kinda things Romo is routinely asked to do. For one simple reason....Norv KNEW that Troy couldnt have done it. In fact,....he couldnt have even come close to doing it.

    Thats no knock on Troy either,...its just that Norv doesnt run unsound offense.

    Great O line.....strong running game.....play action pass, even max protect at times. THATS where its AT,...THATS how you win!
  11. Avenging Hayseed

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    I know. Alot of us long timers are in the same boat . Aint alot of fun. ;) Hopefully the damn ship gets righted soon as believe it or not I still feel that we are somewhat CLOSE. Just need to be more traditional in our offensive and defensive approaches when it comes to scheme,...and team building.
  12. Clove

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    Listen very carefully.

    I have a knack for being able to predict what Jerry does.
    Everything Jerry has done so far, and is going to do this offseason is geared towards getting the fans back on board.

    He repeats this every 3 years or so when the fans are fed up with the con job. Expect some major changes, anything that will help the fans go, "finally now Jerry's done something to make us believe" and at this time next year, we'll be in the same boat.

    Jerry is trying to build this team, and simply does not know how. Poor idiot.

    Been a fan since 75, and will die a fan. But I'm from the era where winning is number 1. Cowboy fans don't put up with losing. Well, at one point we didn't.
  13. Avenging Hayseed

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    You know what I see most times when I watch the Cowboys lately? A team that is hellbent on TRYING to be the smartest guy in the room. I swear,...we over complicate almost EVERYTHING. Its like that 3rd and 2 feet play against the Giants I posted about earlier.

    C,MON! Just strap em on, gut it out,...and run the damn ball for the two stinkin feet. Instead what we do is always TRY and outsmart everyone only to almost always end up outsmarting OURSELVES! I hate that kinda krap worse than anything.

    Just be a damn TEAM for a change,...be BETTER, win the personal battle and be better than the man in front of you.

    This team is constantly taking the long way around instead of just doing what common sense dictates. Strap em on and play,...leave the trickeration for the losers. Thats how losers play because they arent good enuff to just strap em on and play straight up. We need to do away with all that JUNK.
  14. RS12

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    Seed, how'd ya like the way that second rounder played on the O Line, I mean the D Line, oh thats right.
  15. Kilyin

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    Remain calm, Jerry will fix it. It's a process.

    40 year fan huh? You must be old. Hopefully Jerry beats you to the promise land. His liver must look like a hairnet by now.
  16. Avenging Hayseed

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    Lastly,.......Ive never in my whole life been so out of sorts about a head coach than I am with Jason Garrett. I have either really liked the head coach and his philosophy,...or I have hated the guy.

    Not so with Garrett though. There are things about him that I really like,.......then there are things about him and his philosophy that I truly despise.

    I will say this though.....I still truly believe that he has the "MAKINGS" of a great head coach. But only if he has the right D.C and especially the right O.C on the team. IN NO WAY does that right O.C include the name Jason Garrett! ;)

    I see Garrett as potentially the opposite of Norv. Norv=GREAT O.C,...middling head coach. Garrett= Potentially great head coach.....middling O.C.

    Time to FINALLY fix this trainwreck and do what is best for all involved. Welcome home NORV!
  17. Avenging Hayseed

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  18. Avenging Hayseed

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    Actually,...I rounded up a LITTLE bit to make it easier. Technically Im a 38 year fan. Started watching these guys when I was 10 years old. Been a die hard ever since. And YES......Im getting old! LOL Key word being "GETTING" not quite there YET!

    Why just the other day it seems I was watchin Billy Joe Dupree and Drew out catching passes. LEGS Newhouse was blocking for Preston on a sweep play. I tell ya,....did someone find a way to speed up time or WHAT!? :D Thats what it feels like lately though. Just woooooooooosh!
  19. Kilyin

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    I feel ya, I guess I'm about a 30 year fan, rounding up. Hell, that makes me feel old.

    Grew up on Danny White. I stopped watching football during the Campo era for a couple years. I just couldn't take it after what happened during the period leading up to all that. Otherwise, been on the 'bandwagon' since (I always get called a bandwagon fan since I live in VA).

    I'm on the 'can't take it anymore' wavelength for sure. I just keep a kung-** deathgrip on a sliver of hope.
  20. Avenging Hayseed

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    Grew up and still reside in Northern Wisconsin deep in the heart of Packer country. My whole life people look at me like........" your a fan of WHAT team??!" :D Believe me,...the Cowboys hate still runs deep up here. In fact,...they actually hate our team more than they do the Bears. Mostly because they have had theyre way with the Bears for so many years now.

    Ten years old. Just started watching football in a serious way. Turned on the tube and started watching a game one day. Thought that team in white and blue with the star on its helmet were the coolest thing since sliced bread. Been watching them ever since.

    Finally made it down to a game about 10 years ago. Great experience. Liked it so much I went back six more times. Going again next year too!

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