Ive finally went nuts from it all!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Avenging Hayseed, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I think as a kid I liked the Cowboys because my dad and brother hated them (Deadskins).

    Did we win the first game you went to? My first game, I went to Texas Stadium when the triplets were inducted into the ROH, and we all know how that went. Haven't been to a game since.
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    Nope, we lost. Was a low scoring affair against the Giants back when Carter was still the QB. Have had pretty good luck though overall. Think were 5-2 in the games Ive made it to.

    My last game was the season before this one. A monday nighter against the deadskins. We held them off with a last second INT of Grossman to seal it. It was really cool too because a couple skins fans from EXTREMESKINS were sitting right in front of us. They left pretty unhappy! :D
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    I've been a fan since the first year the Dallas Cowboys existed. The Cowboys have never won a SB since Jerry owned the team that didn't have Jimmy Johnson's fingerprints on them. Switzer won a SB with the team Jimmy built.

    There has not been a SB win since then. Will there ever be? I doubt it in my life time. Why am I still a fan. I was a fan before Jerry ever thought he would own and destroy what Tex Schram and Coach Landry built. If I live long enough, which is highly doubtful since I am I approaching the 80 mark, then after JJ is gone to his eternal reward there might be another opportunity to win another SB.
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    The problem with this team is we no longer rebuild .
    We are stuck in mediocrity .
    You know what happened the last time we rebuilt !
    3 rings !
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    The only way I would even remotely consider buying into anything Jerry does going forward is if he stock piled the O and D lines in the next 2 years. That MIGHT convince me he is serious about winning and even then I may still not believe. See my sig line Jerry...lather, rinse and repeat that for the rest of your life with this team.

    I'm tired of him talking. I'm tired of him having radio shows, events at HIS stadium and all the other BS. Shut up, step into the shadows and hand out the money or just get out period. I don't want anymore explanations from him on why he chose to do something. Shutup and win and then you'll get your stupid credit you want.

    Between the last few days and some of the stuff I've read on the board it has really stirred up my memory of how Landry was let go and I'm completely ticked.

    I may not be making any sense here but I needed to rant. Felt like the right thread to do it in coat tailing Aveningings frustration.
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    we all feel your pain.

    Do like the rest of us do.

    Pull out the old SB DVDs of the 90's teams and dream you were much younger than today.

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
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    those that say the running game is not important anymore should think about that 3rd and 2 feet against the Giants. They KNEW there was no way JG would call a run there. And they were right.

    You can talk all you want about how even an appearence of a run game gets it done. That down tells the REAL story. If the D has no respect for your run game they will shut you down sooner or later.
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