J Sullivan: Kiffin could bring Raheem Morris

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 10, 2013.

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    OK if this happens, suddenly Kiffin wouldn't be that bad
  3. craig71

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    If he were offered a head coaching gig he could leave, but he cannot leave for another assistants job without being released from his current contract.

  4. AbeBeta

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    We presently have an Assistant HC
  5. Plankton

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    Meeks was also a former assistant with Jimmy in Dallas.
  6. newlander

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    ......now we're talking IR....I like Marinelli ALOT and he could do alot worse than landing in Big D' with Kiffin...BUT.....I would think he'd follow Lovie to wherever he lands. Time will tell I suppose: Barry and Meeks are very solid as well. I think a TRULY stellar Defensive Staff has been lacking in Dallas for a long time. Same with the offensive side of the ball frankly.
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    ..the statement about giving permission for the current defensive staff to seek other positions makes total sense.

    I'm liking this.

    Wonder how Kiflin feels about any of the present defensive staffers..?


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    Very interesting, would like that very much
  9. Picksix

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    You gotta figure Kiffin/JJ have put in calls to these other assistants (or more likely their agents) to gauge their interest as well as their feel on whether they will/could be released. May have contacted the teams as well. If they talk to a coach that's under contract, is that tampering, like it is with a player?
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    I don't mean to bust chops here, but I highly doubt Danny/Allen would let a coach go to a division team. Morris is staying in Washington, and if anything, they fire Haslett and promote Morris.
  11. Disturbed

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    I hope Monte at age 73 is a consultant. His best days are behind him and his USC experience was not good....although his resignation was probably to save his son's job. The demands of being a DC might be too much for Monte at age 73.

    Dallas needs to hire a young, smart, and aggressive DC.
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    I agree, they don't have to like how we stopped our "special" special teams coach to go to raiders this year. On top of that, he will probably know their defensive system inside out, letting him go would be a huge mistake for Redskins
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    Rah being in Dallas would be great.

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    Morris is a very good young defensive mind, I like the idea.
  15. FLCowboyFan

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    I found this article that makes it look possible that he pre negotiated the ability to take a coordinator role.....not exactly what he would come here for but

    "The agreement he struck with Washington coach Mike Shanahan gives him flexibility to leave for a coordinator position in the future. While that would be a promotion, teams do not have to grant assistants the chance to interview for a job with another team unless it is for a head-coaching position."

  16. Boys122

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    I wouldn't mind Morris joining the staff but what happens to Henderson?

    I'd hate to lose guys like Baker and Henderson. Those two I would fight to keep.

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    Not on board with Kiffin, but if he's hired this is a must, IMO. Need a young, "hip" guy like this to relate to the players.
  18. InmanRoshi

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    FWIW, Raheem's contract with Redskins ends in February.

    The Chargers would like to keep Joe Barry, but it probably comes down to whether or not new coach wants to bring in his own guys.

    Also, both Broaddus and Todd Archer hint that Henderson is a strong candidate to be retained. He's highly thought of at Valley Ranch.
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    More interesting!
  20. Picksix

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    Interesting indeed, but I've read where Kiffin also has a good relationship with Jerome Henderson.

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