News: Jack Eskridge, the Man Who Created the Dallas Cowboys' Logo, has Died

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Jack Eskridge, the Man Who Created the Dallas Cowboys’ Logo, Has Died.

    Seems strange now to think that somewhere, at some point, someone designed the Dallas Cowboys logo. It’s likely the world’s most recognizable team logo, second only to maybe the New York Yankees. The man who created that logo, Jack Eskridge, died Monday; he was 89.....

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    RIP Jack and many thanks to the one responsible for etching this symbol into my brain. My 3-yo daughter says "looook, Coboys" and points to any kind of star she sees, I love it!
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    :laugh2: ;) ;)
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    He's with the stars up there.

    Funny pre-internet picture in Gorbachev's Russia: someone wearing what looked like a Cowboys shirt except the star was red. [​IMG]
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    RIP, and thank you Jack!

    Question: the original star was a solid blue on a white helmet. The star we know today is that original star but outlined with a white and blue border around it. Did Jack create both logos or just the first one?
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    So he took a star and colored it blue. Artistic genius.
  8. Plumfool

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    Not sure if this is sarcasm.

    But RIP and thanks.
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    Always gotta be somebody who relishes wizzing on somebody's post toasties!

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    So he replied to an OP and colored it stupid! Artistic imbicile!
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    Not everyone gets to leave a lasting mark.
  12. Doomsay

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    Is the concept of of an effective and enduring intellectual property difficult for you to comprehend?

    I suppose that the swoosh originator is a simpleton as well.
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    R.I.P you created the best logo ever.
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    Funny you mention the Yankees logo because I find it interesting that their logo was created by the Tiffany Co. jewelry company, and it was to commemorate fallen cops if i'm not mistaken
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    This just in the guy that invented the square has also died. In other news triangle inventor is still going strong.
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    I hate your team but ...

    DALLAS -- The man credited with designing the famed blue star logo of the Dallas Cowboys has died.

    The Cowboys say Jack Eskridge died Monday at a Valley Falls, Kan., hospital. The funeral for the 89-year-old former Cowboys equipment manager is scheduled for Saturday morning at Carson-Speaks Chapel in Independence, Mo.

    According to the team website, Eskridge was one of coach Tom Landry's first hires in 1959, the year before the Cowboys' debut season. It was he who designed the white-bordered blue star used after the Cowboys began with a white star.

    Eskridge remained with the Cowboys until 1973.



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    LOL. The orginal post was 3 days ago.

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