Jackal's Contrarian Draft 1.0 (5 rounds)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sasquatch, Apr 14, 2007.

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    After sifting through a number of members' drafts and several mock draft sites, I submit this year's alternative draft scenario. I believe we will move down a few spots in the first and possibly up in the second and third. Observations on players and their projected round would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Justin Blalock, OG, Texas -- Inconsistent play on the part of the Offensive line was the downfall of the Parcell's era in my opinion. How many drives were killed due to our inability to convert on 3rd and 4th and short? Blalock instantly improves our internal line and injects a much needed fiery disposition to the unit that has been absent since the departure of Erik Williams.

    2. DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler, DT, NC State -- I am a firm believer in building a team from the inside out. Jason Ferguson has been a great addition to the club but we need someone competent to rotate in and eventually replace him. Tyler is stout and strong and could develop into the perfect NT for our system with coaching and experience.

    3. Victor Abimiri, DE, Notre Dame -- He's got the size, the speed, and the athleticism to replace Greg Ellis and provide a good pass rusher opposite Demarcus Ware. I think Carp stays in the inside while James is phased out because he's too much of a liability in coverage. Abimiri won't start right away but certainly has the physical tools to be a very good player with proper coaching.

    4. Johnny Lee Higgins, WR, UTEP -- Given the depth of our receiver corps I see no need to draft a WR until later rounds. Higgins gives us the quick and shifty playmaker that we currently lack. He can contribute right away on special teams and develop into a solid contributer in the future with a little strength training and seasoning. He's what we wish we were getting with Skyler Green.

    5. CJ Gaddis, CB, Clemson -- Gaddis is the kind of corner that I like, fast, athletic, and not shy about supporting the run. He is an excellent athlete that projects at either CB or Safety that should only get better as he gains experience. He will be an immediate contributer on special teams and could develop into an outstanding corner in a few years.
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    I like Blalock, but not in the first. Especially since we got Koiser last year and then just dumped money on Leonard Davis. I'd like to get a starter in the 1st.

    Tank Tyler on paper is an awesome pickup for the Cowboys in the 2nd. Unfortunately, he has major questions about work ethic and his motor, so he has a rather significant bust factor. I'd probably still take him in the 2nd, but there is a reason he would still be there.

    Abimiri in the 3rd would be a steal. I see him more as a late 2nd kind of guy. He is another guy who on paper and pedigree should project to go higher than he will. But if he is there when we pick in the 3rd, I'd snatch him up.
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    Kosier has some very nice blocks last year when pulling but I'm partial to bigger guys who can knock the defense back from the line of scrimmage. Blalock in the late first round (I did suggest moving down a few spots) would be fine with me since I think it will net us a solid player who will be a fixture on the line for years to come. No more getting stuffed on 4th and 1s.

    As for picks 2 and 3, I agree that they might not be available when we pick at the end of these rounds, so we may need to do some wheeling to move up a few spots. We don't need all those picks anyway, since our roster has few openings, so I don't see that as completely implausible.
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    I dont know if i agree or not about the personnel but, although wr might be more excitng for some, i like your draft's priorities.

    our OL and pass rush sounded pretty awful last year, if we can improve that then good. does signing one guy (davis) who still has alot to prove really fix the OL? well, i hope so but if we sign blalock then i can understand the logic.
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    It seems like our offensive line is set to be more of a road-grader type, with Leonard Davis bieng more of a masher than anything, along with the inevitable move of Pat Mquistan to the LT spot after Flo's contract runs out after this year, and Columbo getting stronger every week, if we did draft Blaylock, we could REALLY have a overpowering offensive line that really wouldn't be able to do stuff like pulling/sweeping, but really be able to pound the ball. If we were to move our offensive line to be that type, then Kosier wouldn't factor as much because he really isn't all that powerful comparatively.

    Or, we could try to draft Manuel Ramirez from Texas Tech in the later rounds,
    http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/2007/ramirez_manuel so we could save our first overall pick for a OLB/DE like Anthony Spencer opposite Demarcus Ware
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    bouncing cheese ?
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    Other than FB, there isn't a spot on the roster where a rookie would likely start without an injury, so we won't be concerned with finding a "starter", IMO. This draft is all about improving depth and looking at the future at a few spots, namely NT, WR, CB, LB and OT.

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