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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sasquatch, Apr 24, 2007.

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    A major revision with the fast approach of D-day. Thanks to the other mockers for their insight and knowledge.

    1. Brandon Merriweather, S, Miami, 5'11, 195, 4.47 -- His talent and our need are undeniable but are his character issues overblown or a legitimate concern? I have reservations about drafting players from the U but the deep ball has been the Achilles heal of our defense for far too long. I think Jerry decides to resolve the problem once and for all with this pick. It also happens to fit into Wade's philosophy of being strong up the middle. My sleeper pick here is Reggie Nelson, S, Florida after we trade Julius and our first to Green Bay to get ahead of Jacksonville at 17.

    2. Tom Crowder, DE/OLB, Texas, 6'4, 272, 4.69 -- I think we need to plan for the possibility that Greg Ellis will not be the same player when he returns to the field this year. I'm not sure the pass rusher we need opposite Ware is to be found in this draft but Crowder is strong, fast, extremely athletic, high character, and a better value here than Spencer at #22. Perhaps he will continue to improve his pass rushing skills and become an effective pressure player with more coaching.

    3. Audrae Allison, WR, East Carolina, 6'0, 198, 4.39 -- Has all the qualities to be an effective pro. The kind of fast, shifty receiver who provides big-play potential that we currently lack. This is a good slot to draft a receiver who could contribute in multiple WR sets his first year but will have time to season, develop good work habits, and eventually step into a starter's role down the road.

    4. Allen Barbre, OT, Missouri Southern State, 6'4, 300 -- I've never been a fan of the Hotel and find myself growing increasingly impatient with his false starts, outright whiffs, and other missteps. Time to groom a replacement. Barber has the kind of disposition I like in an OL, has the frame to put on more weight without losing his athleticism, and seems to be on the Cowboy's radar.

    5. Brandon Jackson, RB, Nebraska, 5'10, 210, 4.54 -- I am fan of Julius Jones but am just not sure he's suited to the kind of power running game that I think Garret and Philipps are going to install. Jackson has the strength to bust through the LOS, the shiftiness to pick his way through traffic, and the speed necessary to break it outside. We might need a back if the Nelson trade goes down. ;)

    6. Robert Turner, OG, New Mexico, 6'4, 318 -- I readily admit that I am obsessed with the offensive and defensive linemen. My faith in Kosier is limited, especially when it comes to power run blocking. I think Tuner would be a nice addition to our OL as he is big, powerful, and versatile (played OT and OG) lineman who is known as a fierce run blocker.

    6. Jared Zabransky, QB, Boise State, 6'2, 219 -- I like the idea of drafting developmental QB prospects a la Green Bay under Mike Holmgren. Zabransky is a good athlete whose QB skills are average but he's a gamer and worth giving a shot at this point.

    7. Matt Muncy, ILB, Ohio, 6'1, 242, 4.58 -- Great athlete, high character, high motor football player from a small school. With the 3-4, it's always a good idea to look for linebackers in the draft. And now that Parcell's is gone, maybe we'll be willing to take a look at smaller, faster LBs. I think Muncy has the physical and mental skills necessary to be effective at the pro level. He could be a nice addition this late in the draft.

    7. Chris White, C, South Carolina, 6'3, 319 -- Big , strong guy with lots of experience in a pro-style offense. God forbid if Gurode goes down. Why not try to find a suitable backup C with this pick?

    7. Luis Leonard, DT, Fresno, 6'4, 315 -- None of the DT prospects in this year's draft thrill me, with each potential pick carrying some degree of risk. Last pick seems just about right to take a flyer on big, strong guy who has the physical tools but may lack the work ethic necessary to succeed as a pro NT. Besides, with Fergie, Raitliff (who is under-appreciated), and Stanley already on the roster, I don't see us going DT in the early rounds.

    Mock v. 1.0:

    1. Justin Blalock, OG, Texas
    2. DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler, DT, NC State
    3. Victor Abimiri, DE, Notre Dame
    4. Johnny Lee Higgins, WR, UTEP
    5. CJ Gaddis, CB, Clemson
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    I so like what you've done between 3rd round and the second 6th rounder. That is really as good as I have seen. I don't want Merriweather in round 1. I could stomach him in a later round, but I think it will be a reach in the 1st.

    Crowder in the 2nd interested me. I haven't see anyone else with him there. Tell me why him over some others in the 2nd as a replacement for Ellis. Not arguing, I want to know what you're thinking.
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    I would be ok with Merriweather in round 1...I like those interchangeable saftey/corner guys as they provide good insurance and felxibility. I know New England usually goes with that type of secondary player
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    According to Jerry Jones after yesterdays PC. I think it fair to say they are overblown.

    When asked about Terrell Brown. He was evasive and non-comittal. But he clearly stated that Meriweather was still an option.

    But that is a great draft.

    You and Hostile have been puting in some serious Mock draft work. The best 2 I've seen so far.
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    I just couldn't find anyone else among the usual suspects (Moss, Spencer, Abimairi, Moses, Johnson, and Woodley) in any rounds who I thought would be there or who would provide solid value where we picked. I like Crowder's athleticism (combo of strength and speed), the fact that he vastly improved as a pass rusher his senior year, and that he has solid character (I'm old-fashioned that way despite the Merriweather pick). Unsatisfying answer, I'm sure, but that's the logic behind the pick.


    I don't think Moss or Spencer are worth #22 and don't think either will be available when we pick in the second round (besides, I don't see Moss as OLB). Crowder is also faster than the other candidates (Abiamiri, the Georgia boys, Woodley), is taller than Woodley, and has improved his production year after year. I think he's an excellent mix of athleticism and production and about the right value for our second round pick.
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    me likey

    esp. the Allison pick

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