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Jacksonville Jaguars Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 30, 2007.

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    Rd 1 - 017 -

    Jacksonville trades 1st round pick (#17) to Denver for 1st round pick (#21), 3rd round pick (#86) and 6th round pick (#198).

    Rd 1 - 021 - Reggie Nelson S, Florida

    BIOGRAPHY: Junior college transfer who became a full-time starter last season, winning All-Conference and All-American honors after producing 51/6/5. Started four games the prior season and posted 46 tackles.

    POSITIVES: Athletic centerfielder with tremendous ball skills. Displays outstanding sideline-to-sideline range, shows good speed to the flanks and flashes on the scene, playing with a large degree of suddenness. Diagnoses the action and possesses a good sense of timing.

    NEGATIVES: Not strong at the point of attack. Misreads assignments on occasion.

    ANALYSIS: Displaying tremendous improvement in his overall game last season, Nelson is a top-flight free safety with the ability to be placed over receivers in man-coverage situations. Needs to fine-tune his instincts, yet should quickly break into a starting lineup.


    Rd 2 - 048 - Justin Durrant LB, Hampton

    BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter awarded MEAC Defensive Player of Year honors every season since his sophomore year. Senior totals included 98/13/1 after career-best numbers of 124/15/5 as a junior.

    POSITIVES: Explosive one-gap linebacker who makes a lot of plays on the field. Breaks down well, is rarely off his feet and displays a good head for the ball. Fluid moving laterally, smooth pedaling back into coverage and scrapes well in the box. Explodes upfield.

    NEGATIVES: Small, gets wired in blocks or has tackles broken.

    ANALYSIS: A hard-working player who.s been ultra-productive, Durant is an instinctive defender who likes to get involved in the action. Could be used on special teams early in his NFL career and eventually develop into a starter.


    Rd 3 - 079 - Mike Walker WR, Central Florida

    BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter who spent time at cornerback early in college. All-Conference selection last season after leading the team in receiving with 90/1,178/7. Junior totals included 64/855/9.

    POSITIVES: Reliable possession wideout with consistent hands. Defeats jams at the line of scrimmage, sells routes and does a terrific job reading the defense then finding the open spot on the field. Goes up in a crowd to make the reception.

    NEGATIVES: One-speed receiver who does not play to his forty-time nor beat defenders in a foot race. Not quick releasing off the line.

    ANALYSIS: A focused receiver with a solid game, Walker is a possession wideout who may offer ability in a West Coast offense. Potentially a fourth receiver at the next level.


    Rd 3 - 086 - (from Denver)

    Trades 3rd round (#86) pick to Baltimore for 4th round pick (#101), 5th Round pick (#166) and 6th round pick (#203)

    Rd 4 - 101 - From Ravens Adam Podlesh P, Maryland

    Rd 4 - 113 - Brian Smith DE, Missouri
    Rd 5 - 149 - From Atlanta Uche Nwaneri G, Perdue
    Rd 5 - 150 - Josh Gattis FS, Wake Forest
    Rd 5 - 166 - From Ravens - Derek Landri DT, Notre Dame
    Rd 6 - 194 - Traded to Atlanta
    Rd 6 - 198 - (from Denver)
    Rd 6 - 203 - From Ravens
    Rd 7 - 229 - John Broussard WR, San Jose State
    Rd 7 - 251 - Chad Nkang LB, Elon
    Rd 7 - 252 - Andrew Carahan OT, Arizona State

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