Jags keep Montavious Stanley

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Posted by Mike Florio on March 1, 2010 5:50 PM ET

    With the deadline for the application of restricted free agency tenders only three days away, the Jacksonville Jaguars have accelerated the process as to one of their players.

    Defensive tackle Montavious Stanley has been signed to a new deal. The team announced the move today, but did not disclose the length or terms of the deal.

    Stanley appeared in 15 games for the Jaguars after rejoining the team for the 2009 season. He previously spent part of the 2006 season in Jacksonvile, and he also has played for the Rams, Cowboys, and Saints.

    The Louisville product started six games for the Falcons in 2007, his only career starts.

    Would've been nice had he been able to stick here.
  2. Woods

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    yhea, i guess he finally put it together. good for him.
  3. Hostile

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    To this day, the most excited kid ever to be drafted by the Cowboys. His interview with Norm Hitzges was inspiring. I think that's why so many liked him immediately.
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    They like him as a backup in their 4-3. He can rotate in with Henderson and Knighton, plus he has a good attitude.
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    So true, that interview had me so excited about him...I wish him the best, he always came across as humble and hardworking.
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    "I can't wait to talk dirty to the quarterback!"

    I think some players Parcells just never liked from the beginning. Sometimes I think there are a few that he just never gave a real shot to make the team.
  7. HoleInTheRoof

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    Thats a name I hadn't heard in a while.

    Shame he didn't work out here.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    Agreed...that was such a great interview.
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    I remember Ireland busting over what a great pick this was. You can have him Miami.

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