Jags signed Aaron Glenn as their #5 CB

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by sago1, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Came across below article re Jag signing of CB Aaron Glenn. If this article is accurate, Glenn is their #5 CB but could compete for the nickle job. As #5 CB, Glenn probably getting NFL minimum.

    BTW: During Jerry Jones interview, he was queried re cutting Glenn. While Jones lauded Glenn as team player, he did state that Glenn appeared lose a step & they felt Reeves was now better then Glenn. Went on to talk about how they carefully scrutinized every single ball coming their way (Glenn & Reeves) and what each did; team felt Reeves had better chance to make a play.

    For the record, I read in Dallas media a few days ago that one of the coaches had talked to Reeves about playing too far off the ball/need to play more aggressively. It was clear Glenn's performance against Houston hurt him badly and he didn't regroup enough against Minny (supposedly Reeves played at least just as well in that game). We'll see against Giants if Cowboys did right or major screwup. But then again even if Reeves doesn't play great, would Glenn have played any better?

    Veteran Glenn aboard Jags as fifth cornerback
    By on September 4, 2007 11:25 AM
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    The Jacksonville Jaguars made a couple of last-minute moves yesterday, signing cornerback Aaron Glenn and releasing offensive guard Tutan Reyes.
    Commentary: Long-tenured veteran Glenn joined the Jaguars just two days after his release from the Dallas Cowboys, with whom he had played for two seasons. A two-time Pro Bowler, Glenn has played a total of 13 seasons with the New York Jets, Houston Texans and Cowboys. Glenn is the fifth CB on Jacksonville's roster and may compete with Terry Cousin in the nickel formation.
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    :confused: Someone signed Aaron Glenn?
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    Unfortunately, now every time Reeves allows a catch, the Glenn Doomsday Crew will be screaming, "See!?! I told you we screwed up!!!"

    When the truth is that Glenn could have given up the exact same plays.

    Really looking forward to that. :(
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    :horse: :horse: :horse:

    Isn't this all old news? I think there has been 243 thousand posts about this already!
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    Sounds like to me it is just saying he is their 5th cb on the team. Not 5th string. He will be there on nickel.
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    I admit I was a bit shocked about the Glenn release but I think Reeves will do good job for us.
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    I haven't read everything written on Glenn but to me this one for some reason pulled it all together a bit more.

    Maybe Reeves isn't all that, but if he's Glenn's equal, then moving him up and Glenn out to make room for more potential upside (Ravens CB we signed) does make some sense. Maybe its a chance to get better at one end of the roster while getting no worse at the other.

    Maybe some of us were comforted more by Glenn's reputation than his actual play.

    And I'm saying maybe because I think we're all wondering what we really do have in Reeves.
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    Remember when Reeves did the "jump shot" to the ticked off NYG's after we beat them in NY last year?

    They so deserved that! :D
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    It's not like he is a 2nd or a 1st CB anymore, and maybe it was time to see what Reeves can do as the #3. So maybe the Cowboys know Newman is playing and they could not hold him over Jones because they didn't see enough in Joey Thomas. Thomas and Glenn did not play ST, so they got the boot because Reeves was ready to be the #3.


    Maybe, but that's what I took from Jerry Jones recent comments.
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    IF the Eagles can afford to lose Trotter, we can let Glenn go. It's only fair.
    Bye Aaron what's his name.
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    It was not just his play but his presence and the teaching he was doing and the mentoring. I wonder if Wade was taking that into consideration as well?

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