Jaguars to do this year's Hard Knocks

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    Jaguars will camp under big spotlight

    Team is chosen as subject of television documentary, meaning nothing is off limits.
    The Times-Union

    The NFL has decided that the Jaguars are ready for their closeup.
    Following in the footsteps of the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys, the Jaguars will be the subject of a weekly, Hard Knocks-style documentary to be shown on the fledgling NFL Network this summer, team and league officials confirmed Tuesday.

    The hour-long program, which has yet to be given a title, will focus on the Jaguars -- both behind the scenes and on the field -- as they go through training camp and the preseason.

    Jacksonville's TV viewers may have limited access to the show. The NFL Network is less than a year old and only available locally on the DirecTV satellite system, which has just 12.6 million subscribers nationwide.

    NFL Network spokesman Seth Palansky said the league has exchanged proposals with Comcast, the Jacksonville area's primary cable provider, about adding the network but is unsure if an agreement could be reached by this summer.

    The show, which will be taped by crews from NFL Films, will be in the same vein as Hard Knocks, a league-produced weekly documentary shown on HBO that profiled the Ravens in 2001 and the Cowboys in 2002.

    HBO passed on broadcasting the Jaguars documentary because the network didn't want to compete with the Summer Olympics in Athens, which also will be held this summer, Palansky said.

    Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio was a Ravens assistant in 2001 when Hard Knocks was filmed. Del Rio said that experience prompted him to agree to let crews film the team's every move and meeting this August and September.

    "Having been through it before gave me the confidence not to be afraid of it," Del Rio said Tuesday.

    "Other coaches turn it down because of the fear of the unknown, but I see it as a tremendous opportunity. I noticed in Baltimore that the coaches and the players bring their 'A' game to practice every day when there's a film crew around."

    Del Rio added that nothing about the team's training camp would be off limits to the NFL Films cameras, even staff meetings in which the strengths and weaknesses of individual players are discussed candidly.

    "I'm not going to let [cameras] influence what we say and don't say about players in our meetings," Del Rio said. "We're not going to let anything hinder our ability to work the process, evaluate players and end up with the best team we can."

    Del Rio met with NFL Films president Steve Sabol in Jacksonville last week to agree on the show's parameters. Sabol also met with Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver to get his approval.

    "It's cleared the hurdles it needs to clear," said Palansky, who added that the program will be the most expensive show produced in the brief history of the NFL Network.

    Palansky said the Jaguars show won't be as raw as the HBO documentaries, which were geared more toward a pay-cable audience.

    "This one will be censored," Palansky said. "There won't be any profanity or anything like that."

    Palansky said the chance to be part of a documentary was offered to a handful of teams he would not specify. The Jaguars, who open camp on July 31, were chosen in part because they showed the most enthusiasm about participating.

    The Jaguars also were a natural choice in the NFL's eyes because Super Bowl XXXIX will be played at Alltel Stadium next February and the league is interested in spotlighting some of its less-publicized teams, Palansky said.

    "From a league standpoint, this will be a great chance for us to begin and end the season in Jacksonville," Palansky said.
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    The NFL really makes me mad.

    I wish NFL would be on both satellite AND cable.

    I do not wish to pay for both cable and satellite and I have my ISP through the cable.

    But I would really like to see how Lefty is doing....just as I like to get information on Pennington when I can.
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    A Marshall fan, eh, BP?

    If it's gonna be the Jags (and they can't call it Hard Knocks w/o HBO's permission - wonder how the quality will compare with that of "it's not television, it's HBO), I guess we'll llearn everything we need to know about Chron's Disease.

    But DAMN, BP. The Cowboys won't be one of the three live presentations they are doing.

    NFL Network hires preseason broadcast trio

    (June 16, 2004) -- NFL Network has hired veteran announcers Kenny Albert and Dan Fouts, plus newcomer Terrell Davis, as the on-air broadcast team that will call the network's three in-house produced preseason games this summer.

    NFL Network

    NFL Network

    Analysis, opinions, features and more!

    "The production of live preseason games represents another first in the short history of NFL Network," said network president and CEO Steve Bornstein. "We have assembled a top-notch production crew and are excited about the opportunity to produce live NFL game coverage for the first time."

    The following is the NFL Network-produced schedule of live games:

    Sun., Aug. 15 at 7:00 p.m. ET: Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills
    Sat., Aug. 21 at 4:30 p.m. ET: Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns
    Thurs., Sept. 2 at 6:30 p.m. ET: Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots

    Veteran producer Mark Wolff, who produced last year's Super Bowl for CBS, has been hired to produce NFL Network's preseason slate and FOX's Rich Russo, one of the premiere directors in the business, will serve as the director. Former ESPN producer Bill Graff, who was hired as NFL Network/NFL Films' Executive in Charge of Studio and Remote Production earlier this year, will oversee NFL Network's production team.

    Additionally, Solomon Wilcots will serve as the sideline reporter for all three games.

    An entire production package will debut on NFL Network for the preseason, including a distinct graphics package and other on-air elements created for the game coverage.

    A total of 54 NFL preseason games will be shown on NFL Network. Three will be produced in-house and air live, an additional five games will air live using local broadcast feeds, and the remaining 46 games will be shown on a delayed basis in the hours or days following the conclusion of the game.

    NFL Network also will present special live look-in shows dubbed No Huddle on two nights when high concentrations of preseason games are played at the same time. These special "whip around" shows will air on Saturday, Aug. 14 at 7:30 p.m. ET and Friday, Sept. 3 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

    Albert's vast play-by-play experience includes games in the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and WNBA. Since 1994, Albert has been calling NFL games on Fox and also serves as radio play-by-play man for the New York Rangers.

    Fouts, a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, will join Albert as color analyst in the NFL Network booth. Fouts' 15-year broadcasting credits include ABC's Monday Night Football and ABC's College Football. He has covered the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs and the Sugar Bowl.

    A former Super Bowl MVP, Davis rounds out NFL Network's announcing team. Davis began his television career as a guest analyst on NFL Network's signature show NFL Total Access where he teamed with host Rich Eisen and analysts Ken Norton Jr. and Seth Joyner to cover events such as Super Bowl XXXVIII, the Pro Bowl and the 2004 NFL Draft.

    Wilcots, a former NFL defensive back, will serve as the sideline reporter. Wilcots continues his duties as an analyst on NFL Network's Playbook , a reporter for NFL Total Access' coverage of Monday Night Football, and his continued work as a game analyst on CBS Sports' coverage of the NFL. In addition, Wilcots currently works as a correspondent on CBS' The NFL Today pregame show and is part of CBS' broadcast team for the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

    Get NFL Network
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    Yes big Marshall and WVU I try to follow those players.
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    what did i say

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