JaMarcus Russel & Dwyane Jarrett Enter Draft..

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    as expected....

    LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell to forgo senior season at LSU
    By MELINDA DESLATTE, Associated Press Writer
    January 10, 2007

    AP - Jan 10, 6:32 pm EST

    BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell said Wednesday he'll skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft.

    "It kind of hit me toward the end of the season that I was going to make that jump," Russell said at a news conference.

    After a standout performance in the Sugar Bowl last week, the 6-foot-6, 257-pound Russell had been expected to declare early for the draft.

    Russell, a native of Mobile, Ala., threw for 6,525 yards and 52 touchdowns in three seasons with LSU, two as a full-time starter. He threw for 332 yards and two TDs in the Sugar Bowl to help the Tigers (11-2) beat Notre Dame 41-14.

    Had he stayed, Russell would have been considered a strong Heisman Trophy contender. He also would have been under the oversight of a new offensive coordinator after Jimbo Fisher accepted Florida State's coordinator job.

    "We gave him every bit of information that might allow him to choose -- either go or stay," coach Les Miles said.

    He said he thought Russell and his family made a good decision and predicted Russell could go as high as No. 1 in the draft.

    Russell, who brought his family to the news conference, said he hadn't yet signed with an agent. When asked what his draft preference was, Russell replied, "Whoever picks first and whoever pays the most."

    His departure starts a two-man competition to replace him between Matt Flynn, who will be a senior next season, and Ryan Perrilloux, who will be a sophomore. Miles said Flynn had the edge for the job, but he wouldn't decide until after spring practice.

    Russell faced a Jan. 15 deadline to declare for the draft.

    USC's Jarrett will enter NFL draft
    By KEN PETERS, AP Sports Writer
    January 10, 2007

    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Dwayne Jarrett, the leading receiver in school history, announced Wednesday he will skip his senior season at Southern California to enter the NFL draft.

    "The biggest thing was the challenge. I'm ready to compete on the next level," Jarrett said at a campus news conference, choking up as he talked about leaving.

    When he began to sob quietly, his mother, Camille, stepped to the podium and hugged him.

    "My teammates, without them I couldn't have done any of this," he said.

    While Jarrett is leaving USC, coach Pete Carroll again insisted that he's staying.

    Asked if he had closed the door on the possibility of becoming the Miami Dolphins' coach, Carroll said, "Yeah. I thought I said that yesterday. ... I'm not wavering."

    Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga, in the market for a coach since Nick Saban left to take the Alabama job, had met with Carroll for four hours on Sunday in Costa Rica, where the coach was vacationing.

    Jarrett, a 6-foot-5, 215-pounder from New Brunswick, N.J., ends his college career with 216 catches for 3,138 yards and a Pac-10-record 41 touchdowns in 38 games.

    "He knows he has to leave, but he doesn't want to leave," Carroll said.

    The lanky, sure-handed wide receiver capped his impressive three years at USC by making 11 receptions for 205 yards and two TDs in a 32-18 victory over Michigan in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1.

    Carroll said Jarrett finished the season with good momentum, and that he is confident he will be picked in the first round of the draft in April. The only question, the coach added, was how high he will go.

    Camille Jarrett said her son intends to finish his degree in sociology at some point.

    "Even when he was really young and talked about playing in college and the NFL, we always said that he was going to get his degree," she said.

    The 21-year-old Jarrett, a two-time first-team All-American, caught 70 passes for 1,015 yards and 12 touchdowns this season despite missing one game and being limited in several others because of an early-season shoulder injury.

    The Trojans were 11-2 this season and 36-3 during Jarrett's career, which almost ended shortly after it began because of a case of homesickness during his freshman year. But he stuck it out.

    Jarrett caught 55 passes for 849 yards and 13 touchdowns as a freshman and had 91 receptions for 1,274 yards and 16 TDs as a sophomore. He broke Keary Colbert's school record of 207 receptions, and surpassed Ken Margerum's Pac-10 record of 32 TD catches early in the season.

    Jarrett finished ninth in the Heisman Trophy voting, and figured to be a leading candidate as a senior had he stayed in school.

    He faced a Jan. 15 deadline to declare for the draft.

    Jarrett likely will be the only USC underclassman this year to leave school for the NFL. The Trojans finished No. 4 and figure to be at or near the top of the 2007 preseason rankings.

    After the 2005 season, USC lost five underclassmen, including Heisman winner Reggie Bush. The previous year, 2004 Heisman winner Matt Leinart considered coming out early, but decided to return for his senior season with the Trojans.
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    None of these men are likely available to be Dallas Cowobys, that is the haunting last sting of mediocrity.

    Not a champion but out of reach for those lottery players that build franchises.
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    the playoffs aint mediocre bro
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    Oakland must just be salivating to know that JaMarcus is now available to be their #1 draft choice and QB for many years to come. Now if Oakland doesn't take Russell then you have to figure that Al Davis is just brain dead. JaMarcus you are going to be great, IMHO. Just don't play the 'Boys.
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    Ya if oakland doesn't take russell its proof 100 percent that davis is unfit as an owner.
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    Have you actually watched JaMarcus Russell play besides the game against ND the other night?

    He seems a bit mentally challenged and loses focus during the game quite often. He can't manage the clock worth a darn at the end of close games.

    He also throws a strange football. I've seen him throw balls that projected downward, and then projected back up towards the receivers head. He also has a tendency to put lots of air under his deep balls.

    Physical skills? Yeah he has them, but he is still VERY raw. Mentally, I think he is one of those that wouldn't get any right on the wonderlic test.

    My assessment: Russell is a 265 lb version of Quincy Carter.

    The Raiders would be foolish to pass on Brady Quinn for Russell, but they have surprised me many times before. So who knows?
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    Word I have heard is that Al is a little hesitant, at least in the recent years don't know about now, to take a QB in the first round. I guess he has been less than lucky in that area. There must be some truth to the rumor as The last QB they took in the First round was Marc Wilson out of BYU in 1980. After that you have to all the way back to 1968 before they took another 1st round QB...funny thing is they took stabler in the second round of that same draft.

    1 Eldridge Dickey, QB, Tennessee St.
    2 Ken Stabler, QB, Alabama

    So from 1968 to the present they have only took 2 QBs in the first year...that is amazing.

    However if there is a QB in the last few years that seems to scream AL Davis it would be JR IMO.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    He can be streaky, many college QBs can be.

    However here is something to consider.

    He has improved in almost every major category each year he has played.

    He has never posted a season QB rating of under 100. He has never thrown for multiple INTs at seasons end.

    The negatives I could point out however. He does seem prone to taking sacks...multiple sacks the last two years, however he does play in the SEC.

    He does throw some INTs in big games.

    However over all he has done pretty well in a major conference against good competition.

    His stock will rise in the Combine as well...QBs almost always do, although a few might fall.
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    Yes, Godfather I have seen JaMarcus play for 2 years and hell yes I would take him over the "Mighty Quinn". JaMarcus plays in the "Mighty SEC" and Quinn got away for 4 years by playing Army, Navy(ND has beaten this team 43 years in a row) Air Force, Slippery Rock, etc. You say JaMarcus throws a strange ball, mentally challenged etc., well talk to me about our own Tony Romo. Bottom line... just how good was Romo this year. Yeah, JaMarcus will get full time coaching and not 20 hours a week as a college player as per NCAA rules.
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    Good points! I didn't know these things about Russell. I've watched his big games that are aired on national TV. He did seem to struggle at times against tough competition, but the same can be said for Quinn.

    It just seems like he loses a sense of urgency, and can be careless with the football when the game is on the line. Granted, he has shown some improvement over the past couple of years. The announcers the other night mentioned that he is so big, that he thinks he can take on any would-be lineman that is trying to tackle him. IMO, this aspect of his game needs to be coached out of him. Case in point being the fumble at his 20 yard in the Sugar Bowl. He has to know the situation and just take the sack.
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    Thats the spirit!
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    I've watched a TON of Russell and Quinn. Quinn is far and away the most NFL-ready talent at QB. In fact, I think he's going to be very very good at the NFL level.
    Russell reminds me most of Byron Leftwich, big guy that isn't real mobile, has a strong arm and can throw accurately most of the time.
    However, Russell just doesn't seem like he has the upside to be an elite QB. Never got the impression that he is consistent enough. Now, I wouldn't mind having him in the later rounds as a backup with potential grooming, but he is probably deserving of a second round pick, and will probably go in the first, to someone who really needs a QB. Just can't see Russell having Vince Young type success in the NFL because VY's success has been largely due to his dynamic running ability which has made up for some of his growing pains in the passing game. Russell doesn't have that. He's the size of an offensive lineman.

    As for Jarrett, I would LOVE to get this guy. I really think he will end up being deadly in the pros....he is more talented than Plax...and I think less 'tude. I like our stable of WRs, but can't see any of the young ones being more than a #2 WR. Also, there aren't going to be any OL outside of the top 10 picks worth a mid to late first round pick...JMO at this point looking at how the draft should shape up
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    The Raiders took Todd Marinovich in 1991 in the first round.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    All that accomplishes is it pushes two more good players closer to us.
  15. Da Hammer

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    adrian Peterson has declared now as well according to the DMN
  16. DallasDomination

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    That Qb from LSU? Oh hell no.

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