Jameis Winston being investigated for Sexual Assault

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by ABQCOWBOY, Nov 14, 2013.

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    How do you know she is a liar? She may very well be, but we don't that for a fact. We don't know anything for a fact.
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    And if you can't believe a completely anonymous post from reddit.com about ridiculous speculation from a completely anonymous, unrelated stranger who admits he is only passing on rumors, then whom can you believe?!?!?

    I think once the prosecutor reads that post, he'll immediately drop all chargers and issue an formal apology to Winston. </sarcasm>
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    I agree. Context matters. But just put me in the camp that I feel a little sensitivity should be warranted when someone complains of being assaulted.

    That said, there's so much more to this story that hasn't been told. And while I know college football fans will engage in the discussion from a football perspective. I'm way more interested in the off-field aspect. Both of these kids lives have been turned upside down. If he's found to be guilty, he will go to jail. If he's found innocent, and continues to have on-field success. This will be just a blip on his resume. See. Kobe. Bathroom Ben.

    For her, her life will never be the same, regardless of the outcome. It'll take her years to get back to relative anonymity.
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    No doubt she was wronged by that early investigator or detective, but honestly, if it turns out she was lying, I think she deserves to have a hard time.

    Not trying to excuse Jameis or anything like that, its hard to know what exactly happened. But she doesn't deserve a free pass if it turns out she made the whole thing up.
  5. WoodysGirl

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    I agree and I wasn't suggesting she should get off lightly if she did lie. Just noting that even if she didn't make it up, but can't prove he did it...or he's found innocent, her life will be affected. I mean, she's already withdrawn from the school, so that's the first change.

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