Janine Turner on the new Northern Exposure

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    The Real Maggie O’Connell
    Janine Turner on the new Northern Exposure.

    Actress Janine Turner is known best for her role as the feisty and likable Maggie O’Connell on the hit TV show Northern Exposure. This fall, besides working on Friday Night Lights, she’s supporting the McCain-Palin ticket, even working as a spokeswoman for “Team Sarah,” a project of the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund. Turner is also author of a book, released earlier this year, Holding Her Head High: 12 Single Mothers Who Championed Their Children and Changed History. She discusses Palin, Hollywood, motherhood, the culture of life, and more with NRO Editor Kathryn Lopez.

    Kathryn Jean Lopez: Does Sarah Palin being on the national scene bring back Northern Exposure memories? Good or bad. Would you have been for McCain with or without her?

    Janine Turner: Yes, Governor Palin brings back many Northern Exposure memories.

    I was always so proud to portray the spunky, self-reliant, smart Maggie O’Connell. Maggie flew her own plane, shot her own moose, marched to the beat of her own drum. She was a breakthrough television character at the time. I am very flattered when the comparisons are made between Maggie O’Connell and Governor Palin. I created a character, but Governor Palin is the real deal.

    I am supporting Governor Palin with pride. I actually cried when I heard she was nominated and heard her acceptance speech via Fox News XM radio. (I was driving to Austin to film Friday Night Lights). I am supporting and applauding her character, moral fiber, intellect, feistiness, and spunk. She is the essence of the independent spirit of America — the pioneer spirit — the type of spirit that made and makes America great. I have always supported Senator McCain, and I am sure I would have supported his vice-presidential candidate, but Governor Palin has really motivated me. I am making public/press appearances to rally support for her ( Inside Edition, ABC News, Bill Bennett radio, etc) and I am also sporting a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on my car — which I am driving onto the FNL set) and wearing my McCain-Palin hat around town. I have also joined a fabulous group of women in a movement called, “Team Sarah” dedicated to advancing and defending Gov. Palin’s candidacy.

    Lopez: What are your hopes for Sarah Palin?

    Turner: Well first, of course, that she becomes our first female vice president! She can and will accomplish much good in Washington. Beyond that, I hope she will inspire women across the country to be more involved in the political process. Whether it is running for school board or serving in Congress, real women just like Sarah Palin have a lot to contribute. I hope she will inspire them to take the first steps toward getting more involved in their community.

    Lopez: I am very uncomfortable with gender politics. I don’t think women should support women just because they are women. Do you agree? Is there something else going on here?

    Turner: I do not think women should support women just because they are women. I did not support Hillary Clinton, though I appreciated her determination. It’s not simply the fact that Gov. Palin is a woman, but it’s the kind of woman she is. She’s a breath of fresh air on the political scene. Like so many mothers out there, she started with a desire to make a difference in her community. In a time when people find it easy to be cynical about politicians, Sarah’s honest authenticity stands out from the crowd. And that resonates with both women and men. If she were a man, would it get this much attention? Probably not. But her values and reputation as an honest reformer are what really draws voters to the McCain ticket. Americans are savvy voters — they are looking at more than gender. And Gov. Sarah Palin brings substantial talent and expertise to the table

    Lopez: Do you find yourself alone as a pro-life feminist in “the biz”? Or are you pleasantly surprised?

    Turner: I believe in life at conception and I believe every child has a destiny and a God-given purpose. Unfortunately there are not too many of us. That is for sure. But I am always pleasantly surprised when someone in Hollywood has the courage to stand up for life. And I hope we see more Americans from all sectors stand up to protect the most innocent among us and speak out about the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. It is beyond my comprehension that Sen. Obama thinks babies who are accidentally born after a failed abortion should just be left to die. It is truly heartbreaking.

    Lopez: When did you become political?

    Turner: My father is a West Point Military graduate so I was raised with a sense of honor, dedication and sacrifice for our Country. My views have always been conservative and I found this to be a great challenge as a young actress in Hollywood during the Reagan days. I was shocked that I constantly had to be on the defensive. I did not relent however and go to the Jane Fonda parties just to be cool. (It may have helped my career advance further but it wasn’t worth it to me — even as a 19-year-old.)

    Lopez: Do you have a most-important issue?

    Turner: My most important political issues are: a strong defense for our country against attack and terrorism, fuel independence, a pro-life stance, low taxes, small government, and protecting our environment.

    Lopez: Did you watch the debate Tuesday night? If so, what did you think?

    Turner: I was very pleased with McCain’s strength, readiness and passion during the debate on Tuesday night. I especially liked McCain’s quote about nailing down Obama’s policies is like “nailing jello to the wall.”

    There is so much we do not know about Obama and I am curious as to why all of his college records are sealed. Why is this? Why isn’t this questioned?

    Lopez: Palin has been criticized for not answering questions, for being too flip in her answers, doggonit. What have you thought about her overall performance thus far?

    Turner: I loved how she responded to an anti war protester the other day. She said, “Bless your heart, sir. My son’s over in Iraq fighting for your right to protest right now.” To hear the mainstream media tell it, it’s been a bumpy road. But when you look beyond that, you’ll find that her popularity is still soaring with everyday people. I’ve never seen anything like it. And just last week, you could tell she really connected with Americans during her VP debate performance. Her answers were honest, forthright, and not contrived. So what if she doesn’t always answer in the style pundits want? It’s real. And it was exactly what Americans have been waiting for.

    Lopez: Is there anything you’d like to see her say or do differently?

    Turner: She just needs to continue to be herself.

    Lopez: I know that you value marriage greatly. But as a single mom, what did you think of the whole Bristol Palin controversy? It’s important, isn’t it, if we’re pro-lifers, to support those who choose life, even when the situation isn’t ideal? We can be pro-marriage and pro-abstinence and still embrace unwed mothers and single parents, right? We must?

    Turner: I believe that if a person is pro-life they should have an open heart to support the single mother because odds are great she will be. Judgment is for God not Christians. This is one of the reasons I wrote my book, Holding Her Head High – 12 Single Mothers Who Championed Their Children and Changed History, to inspire and support single mothers. It spans 18 centuries telling the life stories of 12 exceptional single mothers who were magnificent, strong, glorious, respected and the first in their fields.

    The other side likes to claim that pro-lifers’ compassion only applies to unborn children in the womb. That’s simply not true. Our love and support extends to mothers of all stripes — married, unmarried, and divorced. When women choose life, they deserve our support, and you can see that support in the thousands of pregnancy counseling centers across the country. These are centers run by volunteers that provide mothers of all kinds with resources, support, training, and most importantly, love and support when they need it most.

    Lopez: How was your book received? By conservatives? By Hollywood?

    Turner: My book was well received, some would think ironically, by Christians and conservatives. It did not garner the same support by the mainstream press. This was baffling to me. It was written by me, with no ghostwriter, and included my faith — which seemed to be a bit of a mainstream stumbling block. It made the Washington Post bestseller list!

    Lopez: Do you find Hollywood is opening to differing voices? To conservative voices?

    Turner: I don’t find Hollywood to be open to differing voices, though there is a small movement that is gathering momentum and there are some entities that are willing to take risks with conservative messages. I believe we shouldn’t demonize each other as democrats or republicans in any field or in any work place. We should be bi-partisan at times and put our country first. I heard a great saying, “America is like an eagle. It takes a left wing and a right wing to fly.” I want to see our Congress unite and stop all of the intolerable rancor that only polarizes the good of our country.

    Lopez: Have you seen American Carol? The people involved in that were gambling that if an unapologetically pro-American, pro-troop movie were made, conservatives would run out to see it. But it didn’t come in the top-five on opening weekend. What do you make of that?

    Turner: As with my book, I have realized that marketing is paramount. The liberal press does not always care to promote conservative messages.

    Lopez: Besides campaigning for Sarah Palin, what are you working on?

    Turner: I am working on the television show Friday Night Lights airing on Direct TV this fall and NBC starting in January. It is great fun and has a very creative atmosphere. I am also speaking across the country both politically and as an inspirational speaker. I am ranching daily with my daughter on our ranch. (We have horses, dogs, Longhorn cattle, etc.) and most importantly I am a mother. My greatest gift in life is my daughter, Juliette. She is my joy and I thank God for her every day. I love every moment with her and being room mom at school. And I pray daily for knowledge of God’s purpose with my life and the courage to carry that mission to fruition.


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