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    North Alabama coach Terry Bowden says he had no idea that CB Janoris Jenkins had four children by three different mothers during Jenkins' one year at the school.

    Bowden, who does exhaustive background checks on all players accepted to his D-II school, didn't find out until Jenkins told the world during a Combine interview last week. "He has a girlfriend; I’ve had to call him at her house plenty of times," Bowden said. "He never told me any of that stuff." This is the one red flag on Jenkins' off-field history that may scare off the most NFL teams. The fact that Jenkins kept it from Bowden begs the question of whether he's given NFL officials full disclosure during pre-draft interviews.

    Source: Akron Beacon Journal
    Mar 4 - 3:17 PM
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    lol, Bowden does extensive background checks eh? I'm gonna call BS on that one.
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    Why would a coach be calling a player so consistently anyways? Just to keep him out of trouble?.... Let alone at his gf's house?
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    Yeah no kidding. Jenkins doesn't have a cell phone?

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