Janoris Jenkins Interview: Good Stuff

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JonJon, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Only posting a few questions. For the full interview, click below:


    On talent alone there is no denying that North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins belongs in the first round. However, off-the-field concerns cloud Jenkins draft stock. How well Jenkins interviews with scouts and decision-makers in the coming months will play a major role in determining whether or not he slides on Draft Day. Scott Wright of Draft Countdown caught up with Jenkins at the 2012 Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL and had a chance to not only talk with the talented cover guy but also look him directly in the eye to get a feel for the type of person he is. Is Janoris a good kid who just made some mistakes or are there underlying character issues that will continue to be a problem going forward? Those are questions that each team will have to answer for themselves, but this interview will hopefully provide a little bit of personal insight into one of this year's most controversial prospects.

    Scott Wright: Obviously people are going to ask you about the off the field stuff. How are you planning to explain those incidents to NFL teams?
    Janoris Jenkins: Basically just be honest. Admit that what I did was wrong, just let them know how it went and hopefully things will go better.

    Scott Wright: I know you seriously considered going pro last year as a junior. What type of feedback did you get from the NFL at that time and what were the key factors in your decision to go back to school?
    Janoris Jenkins: I got some good news if I decided to come out. I was looking at it that I just had surgery and my dad, my mentor and I had a talk and we all decided that I would come back, get my degree and finish my four years at Florida. I decided to go to North Alabama because I didn't want to run from my problems. I had done things that I wanted to face up to as a man and I wanted to go to North Alabama to learn, fight adversity and show everyone that I'm not the kid they say I am.

    Scott Wright: Can you talk a little bit about the adjustment of going from the SEC to a D2 Program? Was it more difficult than you anticipated?
    Janoris Jenkins: I mean, it was difficult, but it was an experience. It humbled me a lot seeing how I went from Florida to a Division II football school in one season. It really humbled me as a kid. It taught me a lot. The environment was totally different, from 95,000 in "The Swamp" to 3,500 at UNA. Big difference.

    Scott Wright: How would you describe your game to someone who has never seen you play? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    Janoris Jenkins: I'm quick, fast, explosive, great ball skills. I've got a feel for the ball. I have a tendency of playing off coverage and peaking into the backfield too much so I feel I have to work on that.

    Scott Wright: What current NFL cornerback do you admire and compare yourself to?
    Janoris Jenkins: I compare myself to Darrelle Revis. I look up to that guy. He's a great cornerback. He plays with great technique and he's one of the best.

    Scott Wright: What was your favorite team and player growing up?
    Janoris Jenkins: My favorite team growing up was the Dallas Cowboys. My favorite player was, not an NFL player, but my big brother. I really look up to my big brother.

    Scott Wright: If you could go back in time what advice would you give the 18-year-old version of yourself?
    Janoris Jenkins: Make the right decisions on and off the field and strive for what you want to be.

    Scott Wright: What were you hoping to prove to scouts at the Senior Bowl?
    Janoris Jenkins: That I'm a great kid. I'm respectful, humble. That the decisions I made in the past are behind me and that I made stupid mistakes as a kid.
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    This kid to me is an extremely good cover corner but he does have size working against him.

    Dallas would rather pair Mike Jenkins with a bigger CB.

    All that said, I like this guy a lot and think he is a tremendous prospect at 14.
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    This is a really good interview. It's what you'd expect a top-pick to be coached to answer, but he's saying all the right things.
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    Wouldn't be upset with the pick AS LONG AS we fix at least one spot on the interior OL through free agency.
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    It's as expected.

    I'm sure once Kirkpatrick does a similiar interview people will be saying "you know, I had my doubts, but I think he's geniunely sorry and a changed man....I'm OK with drafting him" too.
  6. This is Our Year

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    Could be a law firm at CB next year for us with Jenkins and Jenkins Co.
  7. Gaede

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    Definitely. Very impressive interview. You can say he's well coached and all that, but nonetheless, he IS saying the right things
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    For pretty much 10 years Dallas has stuck with trying to draft choir boys. The NFL is not a bunch of choir boys.

    Go back to the 90's motto and draft good football players. Jenkins may be the best CB in this draft. he got in trouble at a young age.

    take a chance, draft him.

    We need good football players, some can be choir boys but some need to be "on the edge".
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    I would love to have him. I have been saying for awhile that he is past his problems and is a great guy.
    He is a top 10 talent and if he is there at 14 I would take him.

    Then trade back into the bottom of the 1st and draft Hightower for OLB.
  10. Joe Rod

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    I am buying the kool-aid with this kid. I still am hoping for Decastro, but if he is gone then I hope Dallas pulls the trigger on Jenkins.
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    It could be a coached response or it could be a sincere response. We don't know, but at least he is saying the right things and acknowledging that he made mistakes and needs to do better. He could take the TO approach and deny he did anything wrong and blame everyone but himself while throwing his teammates under the bus.
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    I would have been shocked if he had answered differently . What else could be expected ? He was not going to say anything that his agent didn't approve of . Too much money involved .
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    all these guys claiming they have changed. They always say that. Talk is cheap. And those claiming they KNOW these guys have changed are full of crap. NO ONE outside of the person himself knows the truth of it all.
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    Definitely. But just as no one can safely guarantee he has changed, no one can safely guarantee he hasn't. So why not take his word for it?
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    If it means anything, here is what UNA coach Terry Bowden had to say about him: Terry Bowden says Janoris Jenkins – the former Florida Gators star cornerback – is the best player he’s ever coached and that includes NFL linebacker Takeo Spikes, whom he coached at Auburn.

    Bowden says Jenkins, a potential No. 1 draft choice, made some “dumb, bozo” moves when he was arrested multiple times for marijuana use while he was at UF, but says he has been a model citizen and superstar player at UNA.

  16. jnday

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    I can't speak for burm , but I would tend to believe him if his behaviour continues for quite a while longer . That doesn't help with this draft , but it is just my thoughts .
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    I think interview teams will do with others like the HC and DC and secondary coach who worked with him day in a day out will also give teams more information on the character of Jenkins and Kirkpatrick.

    I respect he answered the questions as he did but I think teams will look deeper than just that interview
  18. robert70x7

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    Kirkpatrick's interview will be loaded with "youknowhatimsayin"s.
  19. Gaede

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    The thing I like about him is he could've gone pro last year, would've been a high pick, but he stayed-got his degree-and repaired his image. Actions speak louder than words, right?

    Then why ignore his most recent actions? He took the hard road to fix his image and that says something, IMO
  20. Frozen700

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    my boy Cas..coming around..i like this.

    Now i see hope that we actually get this guy

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