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Jared Allen 22 Sacks!

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by vicjagger, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. vicjagger

    vicjagger Well-Known Member

    2,546 Messages
    243 Likes Received
    He had 3 1/2 sacks today. DeMarcus needs 4 to tie.

    P.S. Zero for Jason Babin today.
  2. Cowboys&LakersFan

    Cowboys&LakersFan Benched

    14,198 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Rather have the W. Let Allen have the record if we get the W I could care less.
  3. jblaze2004

    jblaze2004 Well-Known Member

    9,804 Messages
    1,009 Likes Received
    wow....here's to hoping ware gets those needed sacks. That means we are finally getting to eli this year.
  4. Frozen700

    Frozen700 Well-Known Member

    14,742 Messages
    2,017 Likes Received
  5. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

    10,668 Messages
    1,234 Likes Received
    That's very impressive for a DE.
  6. AdamJT13

    AdamJT13 Salary Cap Analyst

    15,912 Messages
    2,427 Likes Received
    It would be even more impressive for a linebacker.

    Here are the single-season leaders for sack by a linebacker --

    20.5 Lawrence Taylor (1986)
    20.0 Derrick Thomas (1990)
    20.0 DeMarcus Ware (2008)
    19.5 Tim Harris (1989)
    18.5 Andre Tippett (1984)
    18.0 DeMarcus Ware (2011) -- one game remaining

    Notice that Ware is the only linebacker since 1990 to have at least 18 sacks, and this is the second time he has done it.
  7. Sam I Am

    Sam I Am Unfriendly and Aloof!

    36,425 Messages
    4,208 Likes Received
    That is odd. When there game was over, I checked his sack totals and NFL.com said he had zero. Now he has 3 1/3?
  8. wick

    wick Active Member

    834 Messages
    85 Likes Received
    But in reality, Allen and Ware play the same position, regardless of what position they are listed at by the team.
  9. Idgit

    Idgit Ice up, son. Ice up! Staff Member

    40,433 Messages
    18,833 Likes Received
    That's the opposite of Adam's point. Also, it's inaccurate.
  10. RoyTheHammer

    RoyTheHammer Well-Known Member

    13,783 Messages
    688 Likes Received
    Damn, NFL record for Jared Allen. The Vikings had a rough year, but good for him. Love the way he plays the game, he deserves it.
  11. BlueStar3398

    BlueStar3398 Active Member

    1,557 Messages
    13 Likes Received
    I hope someone surpasses him. I can't stand that guy!
  12. CowboyMike

    CowboyMike Stay Thirsty, My Friends

    5,320 Messages
    391 Likes Received
    He doesn't have the record. Strahan still holds it at 22.5. Allen missed it by half a sack.
  13. RoyTheHammer

    RoyTheHammer Well-Known Member

    13,783 Messages
    688 Likes Received
    I don't count sacks that were handed to you, so rightfully, Allen holds the record.
  14. burmafrd

    burmafrd Benched

    43,820 Messages
    3,379 Likes Received
  15. Avery

    Avery The Dog that Saved Charleston

    9,614 Messages
    2,867 Likes Received
    Allen deserves DPOY award even though he plays for a crappy team.

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