Jarron Gilbert jumps into the spotlight

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    Jarron Gilbert jumps into the spotlight [​IMG]
    DT Jarron Gilbert (SJSU Athletics)

    By Scott Eklund
    Posted Feb 25, 2009

    He became an internet sensation when he jumped out of a pool and posted it on the internet to prove to his friends he could do it and now San Jose State DT Jarron Gilbert has vaulted himself into the top of the second round with his combine performance. Read on to find out more about this impressive prospect...

    "I’ve become a YouTube sensation," Gilbert said with a laugh from the Combine last week. "How it came about was, one day our strength coach said Adam Archuleta could jump out of a pool, and everybody was super amazed.

    "I went out there one day – it wasn’t that big a deal to me – and I just went and jumped out of the pool. I found out that I could do it, so I put it on film to make everybody else believe me."

    Gilbert made believers out of the internet generation, but NFL coaches and scouts had already jumped onto his bandwagon following his standout senior season and his performance in the East-West Shrine game.

    "It really rose my stock," Gilbert said of the game. "It showed people I could play at the next level -- I believe it did. I felt successful that week at the East-West game and hopefully the scouts will see it that way, that it was a good week."

    Also playing into thing is his solid performance at the Combine where Gilbert measured in at 6-5, 288 pounds and posted a 4.87 forty time, a 35-inch vertical and a 9-11 broad broad-jump.

    The key is figuring out where the talented physical specimen would fit into a pro defense.

    "I think I can play it all, honestly," Gilbert said modestly. "I was a 4-3 end for three years, and a 4-3 D-tackle my senior year. I felt good playing each one. I’ve never played in a 3-4 system before but I feel I could be successful there."

    From his interior position as a senior, Gilbert finished with 52 tackles including an incredible 22.5 tackles-for-loss and 9.5 sacks.

    Even with that performance, Gilbert is a player who is never satisfied with his performance and he's already critiquing himself on what he needs to improve on.

    "Being more consistent with my technique throughout the whole game," Gilbert admitted. "A lot of times, depending on the opponent I might let my technique slide. At times I can get away with it and at times I can’t. Especially at the next level, I have to be sound in my technique throughout the whole game."

    Some of the teams that met with Gilbert at the combine included the Dallas Cowboys, the Oakland Raiders, the New Orleans Saints, the Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Falcons.

    Gilbert is a player who has the physical skills to be a dominant player at the next level, but scouts will be wary of his competition level considering he played in the WAC. However, with his ceiling being so high and the pool of talented defensive tackles low this year, teams are expected to take a long look at Gilbert who has really impressed with his workouts.

    Don't be surprised if the Falcons take a long look at Gilbert in both the first and second rounds, although at this point in the process, he would be considered a reach at number 24.
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    damn I knew this would happen now we have to trade up to get him.
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    Wow, I live in a WAC city (Boise) and watch them play SJ State every year.

    Never heard of this guy.

    There defense was a lot better this past season, but this guy wasn't so outstanding that he stood out, at least to me.

    Maybe if they were playing water polo...
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    He can jump out of a pool..big deal.

    Can he play football?
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    He lead the nation in TFL.....
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