Jarvis Moss as our Draft Choice if we switch to 4-3? (On the other side of Ware)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RealCowboyfan, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. RealCowboyfan

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    Thoughts on this fans?

    I would like to have the guy.

    [​IMG]Bob Leverone/SN[​IMG]

    Height:: 6-6
    Weight:: 252

    He's an explosive pass-rusher that could instantly help us out. I believe he would be good depth to have. How do yall think him and Ware would be in the 4-3?
  2. gazmc_06

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    he could help big time in a 4-3 but i don't think we could make that jump this year. players like demarcus are just getting fully comfortable in the 3-4 so we can't switch it up this year i don't think.
  3. T-New41

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    I wouldn't cry about it. As long as we are switching back to 4-3 and have Rivera as our HC or DC.
  4. theogt

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    Why would we have to switch to the 4-3? He'd be perfect at 3-4 LOLB.
  5. T-New41

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    I dont know much about him besides what I saw in the Fiesta Bowl. But, I have a hard time imagining him in covg or doing things like that required by a LB.

    Are there any scouting reports projecting him at OLB?

    As far as the 4-3, thats my personel preference. I grew up watching the Cowboys and the 4-3. I never really liked the 3-4, though it obviously has it's advantages.
  6. Connection20

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    Well, I have some inside information on Mr. Moss so no, I dont want him in Dallas. The kid has been to my house a few times, he went to high school in Denton where I lived for years. Im quite a bit older than him, but he was a good friend of my littler brothers. The kid is a punk, and a druggie, plain and simple. He thinks hes gods gift, treats everyone like dirt, you wouldnt believe the way he treats women, and as I said, hes bad into drugs. Perhaps, hes changed his ways down there in Florida, but I cant see him kicking the drug habit at all, Ive never seen someone so obsessed with being completely obliterated every moment they are awake.
  7. joseephuss

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    The transition for Ware to play full time DE in the 4-3 would not be that hard. He already plays DE in the nickel package. Hatcher, Canty and possilby Ellis can also play the DE spot, so Ware good get plays off. I don't think Ware should be a concern. The concerns I see if they switch to the 4-3 is the linebackers. There is a lack of NFL experience in the 4-3 system and depth.

    No matter which system they choose to go with, they need more than one additional pass rusher to emerge for next season. Whether that comes from someone in free agency, the draft or a young player already on the team. At least one good pass rusher needs to be found to help Ware and hopefully more are found.
  8. CowboyJeff

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    When the 3-4 is schemed the right way (the way Phillips and Belichick scheme it - not the way Zimmer schemed it), QBs like Peyton Manning have a great deal of difficulty against it when they have to spot the potential blitzing linebacker. Those extra few seconds the QB takes making those pre-snap reads against a 3-4 is worth having it, IMHO.
  9. CowboyFan74

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    If Ellis doesn't recover we will definetly be looking for a replacement. Any official word on Greg's recovery?
  10. Pottsville Maroons

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    The reason players like demarcus are just getting comfortable in the 3-4 is because they've played in the 4-3 for many years prior.

    They're going back to what they know best. They'll be fine.
  11. joseephuss

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    Like the way Peyton Manning and the Colts struggled against the Cowboys this year. Getting sacked, fumbling and throwing interceptions.
  12. SteamedSoup

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    Ware and Moss as the bookend DEs would make for one small defensive line in the 4-3. Our biggest DT right now (not counting Montavious Stanley, who would be hard pressed to make our roster next year) is, what, 310 pounds?

    We'd be 250, 305, 310, 260 going across the line. That's small.

    At a time when the Eagles are learning to run, the Giants are about to beef up their o-line and go with a bruiser at HB, and the Redskins still have Clinton Portis.... I'm not thrilled with the idea of going with a smaller defense. And make no mistake about it, the 3-4 is a bigger defense for us (because, as has been pointed out, it's more like we've got a 5-2 defense where there's 3 300 pound DTs and then the two bookends who weigh in the 250s and 260s).

    If we went to the 4-3, we'd have a smaller line and we'd probably have Burnett out there, so we'd be getting smaller at LB too. I'm not wild about.

    I'd love to have Moss, though, in our current defense. Or even a 4-3 defense if we found much bigger DTs than the guys we already have to clog up more of the running game.
  13. gazmc_06

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    exactly - peyton struggled against us this year, at the half way point of the season we looked like the hottest team in the NFC but then the fefence fell apart. i like the 3-4 but if we manage to switch back then i won't complain but i would prefer to stick with the 3-4 if we play it right.
  14. Sam I Am

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    I think he will be fine in the NFL, but his first year(s) will be shaky.

    1. He will get run over against the run in the NFL
    2. For a 3-4, his coverage skill probably suck something fierce.
    3. He has the athletic ability to be very good, but you're going to have to wait for that
    4. I think he would be a great pick, better than what we have now anyhow. Except for Carpenter

    Start Carpenter at outside linebacker, and as Moss improves, slide Carpenter inside. We still lack an offensive line and I think thats more important than drafting an OLB. We could pick up something in free agency to help.
  15. theogt

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    He's the perfect size to make the switch to 3-4 OLB. He's a little light to be a 4-3 DE. He's exactly what you call a 'tweener. People had a hard time imagining Ellis in coverage. I think if Ellis can do it, anyone can do it. Moss is probably quite a bit more mobile and nimble than Ellis.
  16. Lifetimeboyzfan

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    LOL I was just thinking the exact same thing!
  17. Chuck 54

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    You don't want two smallish guys at DE in the 4-3...usually one is a speed rusher going against the left side or the weak side with no TE....you usually want more of a Greg Ellis type on the strong side or right side.
  18. Bob Sacamano

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  19. AmishCowboy

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    I have read in The Sporting News were he has Character issues. No Thanks, He'll fit in Well with the Bengals.
  20. MichaelWinicki

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    You're more likely to see the 285lb Hatcher at DE.

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