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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by crazyfool, Mar 7, 2010.

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    NFL | Ferguson suspended eight games
    Comment (0) [​IMG] [​IMG]Sat, 06 Mar 2010 22:06:39 -0800 Howard Balzer, of The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, reports free-agent NT Jason Ferguson (Dolphins) has been suspended the first eight games of the 2010 season. It is believed he violated the league's policy on performance enhancing drugs.
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    what Diet Pills ?
  3. MonsterD

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    Star Caps I bet, lol
  4. Hostile

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    He was going to retire anyway.
  5. Four

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    if the drugs were legal the playing field would level.

    just saying.
  6. JustDezIt

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    does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?
  7. silverbear

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    I hear he tested positive for Extenze... rumor has it that Jimmuh Johnson was his supplier...
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  9. silverbear

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    It's not nice to laugh at the erection-challenged...

    I have a hunch this post will be deleted... :D
  10. GimmeTheBall!

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    why the guy on the left have big mammaries?
  11. JustDezIt

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    thats the same dude.brian cushing
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    In all fairness, he was coming off of a season ending injury.

    Yes, he gets the benefit of the doubt in my book.
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    Getting old. Wanting one more shot at a ring. Sad that he decided to try that way but maybe not all that surprising.
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    It was pretty common knowledge that Cushing was juicing in high school. He suffered from Gynecomastia once he got to USC. I believe he took some time off early in his career to try and get things under control. My guess is that he switched up the chemicals to something more exotic. He's a wonderful poster child for the benefits of cheating at the moment. I'm sure he'll pay the price down the line, but right now he's enjoying the first round draft pick money and rookie success.
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    OK I LOL'ed a little.
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    I think you're dead on.
  17. joseephuss

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    Dallas did not make a mistake in letting Ferguson go. He just did not bring the value he once did in his career.
  18. AsthmaField

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    And Bingo was his name-o.

    You can look at the pic on the left and tell he was taking 'roids, even without seeing the pic on the right. He must've taken a whole lot too, because you don't get gynecomastia from steroids without really loading up.
  19. jterrell

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    the vast majority of professional athletes are on performance enhancing drugs and if cushing had gynomastia he was completely clueless about what he was taking. that can quite easily be prevented for less than 30 dollars while on a 1000 dollar cycle of steroids....

    cushing is a very good player who is outperforming plenty of guys on as much juice as him.
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