Twitter: Jason Garrett Combine Presser at 3p CDT Today

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 20, 2014.

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    It's much more than that. You are just taking the offseason talking points and applying them.

    The very first thing that should have happened is they or Garrett himself should have hired a competent defensive coordinator who could set a foundation on day one in 2011 when he was hired. Then they should have started drafting and signing free agents to fit that defense. In this scenario we would be three years in to that defense and I imagine in a much much better place.

    I think it's actually hard to be this bad on defense, to be this bad two years in a row is a complete joke.

    And I hold Garrett accountable every bit because from day one when he took over all the people who I believe know what they are talking about who cover this team and are around this team everyday said Jason was in full control, it was his way or the highway. Nothing would happen without Jason actually saying so. He is the top guy, he had enough pull to control Jerry just like bill did.

    Babe laufenberg said this would be the easiest relationship Jerry has ever had because Garrett knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it done, said Jerry would not get in Garrett's way because Jason had a plan and a blue print.

    And the bottom line is the guy duped everyone, even his friends like babe who know him well and still believe in himself. this has been a terrible string of years under Garrett and he was directly responsible for all the hirings and firings, until of course this past year when babe said Jerry made the terrible hire of monte kiffen. Some even said he hired Ryan.

    The thing is it doesn't matter anymore, he blew it. Garrett has proven he didn't have a plan and doesn't know how to build an organization like others have he was compared to. That set Jerry in to Jerry mode and his friends into blame others mode.

    what kind of a top guy fire's his brother for no reason? why would a guy who supposedly is smarter than everyone else and has this big plan allow a know nothing like Jerry to walk all over him? It doesn't add up unless at the end of the day Jason Garrett is not what so many said he was. He doesn't have a plan and if he does it was ditched a while ago in order to hang on to his job, which is what every move he has made for a year says pretty loud and clear. His offseasons have been poor, his in game decisions have been poor, the results have been poor and IMO he currently has no answers for any of it.

    And I know what's coming around the corner this season, blame romo. Garrett is going to toss romo to the public like he did after the GB game (which was one of the most cowardly things I have seen any coach do) to save his own face. If not in Dallas but in his next job as the smartest qb coach Oakland or someone else could ever hire.

    I can't stand the guy, the only possible partial pass I can give him is he is working for just an awful group running the front office in the jones family. It sucks just like this team will going forward as long as Garrett and the jones family are making the important decisions.

    Sorry for the rant. I have always despised the jones's and its awful to feel this way about the coach now. I didn't even feel this indifferent to campo and we all knew the whole time switzer was a joke so he evoked almost no emotion from me. Garrett was supposed to be different, he was supposed to fix the wrongs of the wade time, he was going to promote competition, instill structure, out think opponents, build a team to root for win or lose.

    What has happened? Three of the worst seasons you could imagine. A defense that is embarrassing in multiple seasons, a pathetic running game in 2012, a salary cap situation that has set the franchise back, a bad trade up for a poor player who doesn't play much in Claiborne, a confusing and shocking moment of disbelief in the war room when Jerry just does what he wants and makes a trade(thankfully it worked), blowing the season three years in a row, throwing the main guy with a bullseye on his back under the bus at a terrible time. Seemingly complete confusion on the future of the team with the insane amount of firings and even those were confusing an not straight forward. Then to top it all off we have two payers get dwi's and get arrested, one killing another player.

    Basically all the stuff Garrett was supposed to change he has in one way or another made worse. IMO, as soon as the locker room was cleared after the eagles game the entire staff should have been removed. All links to Jason Garrett should have been cut and a qualified person brought into take control and set the course starting with the cap situation and this draft.

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    Perfect insight, great post.
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    Maybe Monte is gonna mentor Jason along in actually having input on the defense. Actually, it sounds like a good idea, given this is Garrett's last shot at head coach here. The presser should have asked more about Monte's role.
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    Very well said, this echos what alot of us are feeling right now.
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    Exactly, well Freekin said!!!!
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    Worthy of its own thread!!!! Great post..
    Should bump it everyday ...
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    Garrett is still the coach?
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    That post sounded like a person who calls into sports talk radio and thinks there is no place in sports for booing their local team.

    You're right - it doesn't matter at all -- but I think if Jerry got publicly booed it would bother him. He's Teflon when it comes to the media criticism but loves the spotlight and attention of the fans and nobody wants to be booed or harassed in public.

    Does it matter? No. Would it bother Jerry not bring able to enjoy his celebrity? I believe it would.
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    I agree with many of the points your make. This is a good post theebs.
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    Nothing more needs to be said. I too had VERY HIGH hopes for Jason. He was supposed to be the link to the glory years to bring some respectability back to this franchise. Instead we've had three of the most shameful seasons in Cowboys history. You bring up a good point about the defensive coordinator. IF he makes the correct hire in 2011, we'd be in great position right now on that side of the ball after investing making 3 years of investments in a long-term defense. I know Jerry and his family have destroyed this franchise but Jason is not the answer to fix it.
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    All this from a presser where he does the usual.....says nothing!
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    Not to pile on Garrett - oh what the hell, yes it is. During part of his conference today someone asked him about the disfunction in the draft room last year - and he got all indignant that he wouldn't agree with that assesment, they traded down and got fredbreard and Williams - good draft.
    I was like, your own vise-president had just finished saying it was, and they were takeing measures to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Garret was clearly annoyed that some reporter had the balls to question him... is he like Jerry and just in denial ?
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    Wow. Generally a head coach would say injuries are no excuse next man up. He is just like his fans more than happy to hide behind injuries. Weak.
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    Yeah but Pete actually has a process. Lol
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    Trollin' the media and the fans.
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    There's video. You can watch it. You don't have to depend on a New York Post "reporter" for information chopped down to fit into a tweet.

    He was asked what the biggest challenge was for the defense in 2013. He said the truth -- switching to a 4-3 while also losing so many to injury within a single DL squad. Conveniently ignored by Hubbuch was the part where Garrett explicitly said injuries are not an excuse and are part of football. Are you denying that was the biggest challenge?

    He says injuries are no excuse and next man up every press conference. He is the president of head coaches who say the thing you want him to say (which he in fact did say at this presser as well).
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    LMAO.. don't blame Jason all the input he has is calling timeouts and throwing the challenge flag.
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    If you want to live in the land of make believe, I agree.

    In reality, Jason Garrett wasn't and isn't controlling anything. He certainly doesn't have Bill Parcells power here. If he did, Jerry wouldn't be the face and voice of the team. That's wishful thinking by the homers. They want to pretend the real problem with this team can be fixed so they create a scenario in their mind where Jason Garrett is the driving force behind all the losing.

    Have fun with that.
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    It's hard to imagine a time where Jerry won't be the face and voice of the Cowboys anytime soon. Kinda scary.

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