Jason Garrett is least of cowboys problems

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Nov 12, 2013.

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    When you take step back and look at this team the one thing that jumps out to me is lack of flexibility: financially, personnel & decision making at executive level. Now I know its popular to blame Jason Garrett for a lot of this mess. He deserves some of the blame but a its short-sighted angle. The reality is that Garrett can be replaced in matter of few hours. Jerry could fire him today and hold press conference tomorrow introducing next HC. The far bigger problem is two people who are firmly entrenched in this organization and both are basically unmovable for different reasons.

    1) Jerry Jones - when you have an unmovable incompetent GM - your in trouble. Dallas is in constant state of adjusting their own errors. The draft and FA are opportunities to fill current & projected holes. For Jerry they are exercise in not being in touch with declining play or even worse not knowing what cowboys ethos is.

    2) Tony Romo - financially his contract is unmovable. Another over-payment on player who appears to be declining before our eyes. Either that is he is simply disinterested at this point. He still occasionally will put up gaudy fantasy stats. How can we forget the memorable game against Denver. I see QB who doesn't want to be hit anymore. I can't blame him as most of us would call it quits after just few of those hits. But he no longer fits into what this team needs. They need new captain, a fearless one. The time to address this is this off-season not when Tony can't effectively juke out of pocket.

    These are my observations and I expect Jerry to do nothing more than token gestures of firing Jason or Monte. He will get in front of microphone and announce he needs to do better job and that he needs to look himself in mirror. He will go on about how Romo gives cowboys best chance to win. He will tell you that nobody hurts more than him when Cowboys lose. He will continue to drink and come on mic as this is his personal playground. The fan is who suffers here. Not the players who paycheck are the same regardless of wins or losses. Not Jerry who has steadily increased his wealth. This falls on the fans who emotionally and financially are invested. The most scarce resource on the planet is your time. So if you spending time watching, messaging or chatting about cowboys you are giving them the most valuable commodity known to man. Maybe its time for fans to pull back.
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    The head coach on a bad team is always a problem. Always.
  3. dragon_mikal

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    Jerry Jones is problem number 1.

    Jason Garrett is problem number 2.

    Tony Romo is problem number 22.
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    But he is not as big of a problem as the Owner who is also the GM.

    If the team does not do well the GM can fire the HC.

    If the team does not do well the Owner can fire the GM.

    If the Owner is the GM he can fire the coach and hire as many different coaches he wants but he is not firing the GM.
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    nailed it. though I would put Tony Romo even lower on the list
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    Romo is a bigger problem than Garrett? You should just put Garrett back as your av.
  7. Future

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    Well, you can go back and forth all day on who is worse for the franchise, JG or Jerruh. I tend to think its JG...but w/e.

    My point was, he's worse than Romo lol
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    How can Romo be #2 when the #1 problem gave him that contract? Maybe the "real" #2 problem(Jason Garrett) wanted it as well. Don't blame Tony, it goes back to JJ.

    Jerry will always be problem numero uno and Garrett is be problem # 2. Jason's style and scheme is sucking the life out of these players. I see it, other fans see it and the players themselves see it.

    I have played for a few coaches who are not good at their jobs and it eventually translates to the field. Players get fed up, emotions/frustrations come to surface with a divided locker room soon to follow.
  9. OhSnap

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    What if teams still had the authority to work players and keep them in shape and players didn't hit the lottery after 4 years and mentally retire?
  10. CATCH17

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    Jerry needs to find a GM. That is clearly problem #1.

    Garrett is problem #2 and I will at least be entertained and have some hope if he isn't the Cowboys coach anymore.
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    Please note that the Giants and Eagles fans are very sad right now because of all the talk of Garrett possibly being fired. They love Garrett so that is all Dallas Fans need to know about Garrett.
  12. Western

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    The ship is sinking ~ Captain, Jerry needs to be fired.

    1. Hire Eric DeCosta (Assistant GM for the Ravens) as the GM.

    2. Let DeCosta select David Shaw as HC (was an assistant with the Ravens).
  13. Joe Rod

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    This team is one big problem. Everyone except L. P. Ladouceur, who is legit!
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  14. BoysFan4ever

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    He cannot fix our problems & is not a good enough HC to out coach the opponents.
  15. pjtoadie

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    mike fisher ‏@fishsports14m
    Garrett fascinating answer re #Cowboys O starters staying in in NO. 'They shoulda been out. They wanted to stay in. I shoulda taken em out.'

    So the players wanted to stay in but he said that he should have taken them out? Doesn't seem like an authoritative figure to me!
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  16. Matts4313

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    I've read a lot of ridiculous things on here, and this is towards the top.

    Was Jimmy or Landry the problem on the bad seasons they had?

    what about Belichick early on? Coughlins bad years? Mike Tomlin tight now?

    It takes a team of people, an entire front office AND coaches to win or lose.
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  17. BrAinPaiNt

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    Stinking Canadians. lol
  18. CaptainMorgan

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    Just please stop.

    Garrett is quite possibly the worst HC in the league.
  19. Bwareinrings94

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    Garrett is the biggest problem. He has had enough time to establish an identity for this team and he has not. We knew what Denver and New Orleans would do. We know what the Patriots, Packers and 49ers will do. From game to game who the hell knows what Garrett will do other than run enough until the offense has no passing rhythm and then pass like hell after being down by two scores. I fault JJ because he is an idiot but Garrett still has no identifiable plan or system. Who can win consistently with a coach like that?
  20. Dhragon

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    Jimmy's teams improved each year ( Garrett mired at .500 every single year ).

    Bellicheck failed his first time around and probably would have continued to in that situation. He needed to move on to succeed ( same probably with Garrett, maybe he'll succeed as HC somewhere - but not likely here ).

    Landry was innovative in his schemes ( Garrett is not ).

    Coughlin and Tomlin - meh.

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