Jason Garrett is least of cowboys problems

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Nov 12, 2013.

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    I said "A" problem, not THE problem.

    But for the sake of arguing...

    Those old Cowboys coaches were not really part of bad teams early on, but rebuilding teams. Thats a big difference. All those guys have had problems i.e. players not buying into Coughlin's requirement to be at meetings 5 minutes early. Just like players have bad seasons, so too can coaches. A great career does not eliminate past mistakes.
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    agree 1000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Take away Brady and what do you have in Bellicek as a HC? I guess one could make the argument that Brady saved Bellichek as a HC. Without Brady, I doubt he does much. And Brady was basically a throw-away 6th rd pick, stab in the dark, if you will. One could also make the argument that Bellichek made brady what he is.

    I seriously doubt Garrett would ever get another head coaching gig if he gets fired in a year or so.
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    Jason, is that you?
  5. khiladi

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    Without Spygate, neither of them... I digress
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    No way Tony is a bigger problem that Garrett, especially since Romos biggest problem is Garrett. Jerry needs to give up the GM hat, but Garrett is a bigger problem than him as well.
  7. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    What is sad is that you can take your post and black out any reference to the Cowboys organization and most people would assume you are talking about the Raiders.

    The Cowboys have become the Raiders minus the jumps suits.
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    Dan Bailey wants to speak with you:D
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    Romo is more of a problem than Opie


    Good joke thread.
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    Jerry has been the biggest problem in Dallas for longer than Garrett has even coached. That is not an attempt to defend Garrett by any means. Dallas simply can not win with Jerry as a GM. The only break in power was when The Big Tuna took his turn and the result was a team that topped out with a 13-3 record. I think that little run has about played out. Romo , Ware and Witten are declining and won't last much longer. I believe that run made Jerry dig in that much deeper as GM because of the fear of somebody else getting the credit for building a good team. Jerry is the problem that isn't going away. Firing Garrett might add a couple wins a year, but Jerry will still be pulling the strings. Getting rid of Romo may result in a few more loses, but what is the advantage of winning six games instead of eight? There is not much IMO. Only a slightly lower draft position. Resigning Romo was a bad decision and it cost too much to get rid of him at this point. Garrett needs to go, but Jerry will still be there to keep this team in a state of mediocrity .
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Just a few days ago I read several times he is having a career year this year.
  12. VThokie7

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    Somebody or something has to be blamed for the offensive failures. Suppose if you're a huge Garrett fan and want him absolved of blame the only other person you can blame is Romo.

    I personally look forward to the do we scrap his horrible offensive scheme and move forward.
  13. TwoDeep3

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    Seven years this quarterback and this coach have been together.

    If you look at Peyton Manning and see how long it took him to make Denver competitive with new coaches, then you have to ask yourself a question or two.

    1. Why are Jason Garrett and Tony Romo not on the same page and thriving. Seven years is long enough for Romo to be dominating this league? He has had the talent to do so, but it seems to fall short.

    2. If 1 is correct, and it is, then is it Romo or Garrett?

    This should be a pair that thinks as one and sees the weakness of every defense and cuts it apart.

    But they are not.

    Is it Romo, who takes the team down and wins games late with his skill set?

    Or is it Garrett who has consistently called plays that defenses can read and defend?

    Garrett is not a great head coach, and if it were not for talent that this team does and has had, he would not be 8-8 and have kept this job.

    Except for the fact that he is the illegitimate child of Jerry Jones and Carrot-top.

    Sorry OP but you are wrong.

    If you were to encapsulate this offensive team into one word, what would be the most obvious word of all.


    Seven years and this guy cannot stop the penalties.

    Garrett is a huge problem.
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    It is hilarious. The same guys who emerge when we lose, disappear when we win. It is so transparent that some on this forum are actually encouraged when we lose. Sad. I admit that I disappear for a day or so when we lose. But its not because I won't own my views, it is because losing depresses me :) Anyone on here who wants us to lose and finds encouragement in it should hand in your fan card ;) :)
  15. TwoDeep3

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    Please point them out because I have been reading and posting here for over ten years, even back at the original site and have yet to see anyone that wants this team to lose.
  16. rcaldw

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    Wasn't referring to you, and no, I'm not going to point anyone out. If the shoe fits.... But there are absolutely folks who go silent after wins and come out loudly after losses. Enough said, not trying to stir anything, more of a momentary smh observation reading some of the posts.
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  17. TwoDeep3

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    I wasn't picking a fight. It is my contention everyone that is a Cowboy fan here wants this team to win.

    I am pretty cynical and yet I cannot believe anyone wants the team to lose.

    Apologies if I said it wrong and you thought I was starting something. Mea culpa.
  18. jnday

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    Many fans see the heat that comes from losing as the only way to get change in this organization. The sad part about that approach is that they are right. The problem with Jerry making changes is that the changes he makes are not the changes that are needed.
  19. rcaldw

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    No, you didn't say it wrong. You were fine. And I'm not trying to start anything either. I actually saw a guy two weeks ago admit that he wanted us to lose so that there would be firings, etc... Doesn't matter, to each his own. :)
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    If JG gets fired and Romo gets cut on a same day. Guess who's phone will be ringing and have a job the next minute?

    JG is our Jim Zorn. Both played QB in the NFL, both started their coaching career as QB coach and was made OC and HC way too soon for their own good.

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