Jason Garrett is least of cowboys problems

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Nov 12, 2013.


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    If it wasn't Heath it would be Wilcox, neither guy looked all that impressive. Wilcox showed a flash here and there, but we were gonna get gashed regardless of which one of them was in the lineup.

    And yes, a lack of depth is on the head coach. The next man up should be ready and able to play.

    Look, in a general response to this thread -- I think it goes without saying that Jerry is the biggest problem this organization has. But here's the thing, he's not going anywhere. So the second biggest problem is the fact that our coaching staff is overmatched on a weekly basis. Garrett just isn't a good head coach right now. Someday, with more seasoning, maybe he will be, but he's not right now and the on-the-job-training isn't getting us anywhere.
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    as opposed to your idea of.........nothing, that's what I thought....a standard complainer

    there is going to be no GM change, so you want ideas? Staubach has terrific business sense, KNOWS football, KNOWS the Dallas Cowboys, has history with the team and is not afraid to say something to Skeletor....he couldn't be any worse than our current GM....

    if the team was going to start a rebuild, then you try to get a shaw or some other good college coach to begin the process...JJ won't do that either...he is in a win now mode (for 2 decades) so I see a HC that has experienced winning it all as a viable candidate

    none of this will happen because we will have the same GM and likely the same HC next season....Callahan will be this off-season's scapegoat much like Ryan was last year...I am not upset with Ryan being gone and I won't be upset with Callahan being gone either, but they will put the blame on Callahan and injuries
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    Ask the Spurs fans how'd it work out for them in 1997, if it weren't for that David Robinson injury and them playing their second team for most of that year they wouldn't have Tim Duncan and 4 World Championships. Sometimes you have to take a couple steps backwards to get to where you ultimately want to go.
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    Sorry but after years of trying to objectively look at everything and sizing it up, Romo is the least of our worries. Yeah I know he makes mistakes in some big games. In fact I acknowledge its a fault of his. But overall we aren't finding a better QB and he pretty much deals with what is handed to him.

    Garrett IS an issue. 1) he wasn't a good or experienced OC b) he hasn't been a good or experienced HC and has blown many in game adjustments and situations and c) he is connected to 1993 and Jerry. This leads to your JJ point. Jerry will always be an issue as long as he buys his own b.s. Garrett is part of that. JJ hand picked him from the 1993 days. JJ basically neuters him or pumps him up on his own whim. They both are a problem. A problem that involves always thinking we are unlucky or right around the corner vs looking at how we can be on the other end of those close losses.
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    Best Freudian slip ever.
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    I know, I was typing while talking to someone and just went and cleaned it up. The minute I saw that I laughed!
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    How do you draft 17 defensive lineman? (the number of lineman used on Cowboys team this year) How do you plan for all of your defensive lineman Quiting(Ratliff) or getting hurt? ALL OF THEM? The answer is you cant. You cant draft enough quality players to replace that many injuries and guys that do get hurt can't be rushed back anymore for fear of a lawsuit. You can't draft an extra lineman cause one of them might get into a car accident with a fatality. I understand the need to blame someone but ever since the lawsuit for concussions and the new CBA guys are staying out longer for injuries and since the CBA limited the amount of time you can make a player practice you can't weed out the injury prone guys and you can't work em enough to get em in shape. Blame whoever you want if you gotta blame someone but theres alotta things they can't control.
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    Alright so don't draft well and don't properly develop players because injuries, which are a part of this game, will or may occur?

    Yes the d-line has many issues that may or may not be in the organizations control but what really is your point?

    Are u saying Jerry is fine at GM and that Garrett's coaching is adequately effective overall? That we can't improve along the GM and HC areas?

    Cause those 2 points are the basis to this thread. Unless you're trying to say injuries are the #1 issue of this team. I respectfully don't understand your rant.
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    Jerrah is not going anywhere, so Garrett is next in line!
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    Excellent point..................If we are not good enough to make the playoffs, then I would rather just suck with 2 or 3 wins a year so we can get some top shelf talent.
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    Are we comparing a HOF head coach who had Quincy Carter at QB and Troy Hambrick at RB and was a 10-6 wildcard team with Opie who cannot even break 500 with Romo, Witten, Dez, etc.............
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    I think the fans pretty much have already turned on Garrett........look on the Internet, talk radio, ect...............the majority of the fan base wants Garrett gone and it will increase exponentially if we lose the "NFC Least".

    Dont see how Garrett can weather the storm if that happens.
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    Rob Ryan was playing guys off the street at the end of last year and yet his unit full of scrubs were expected to ball week in and week out. When the scrubs never got interceptions or fumbles, Ryan was fired because the defense did not create turnovers.

    So fair is fair..........Garrett is being held to the same standard Rob Ryan was. Injuries will not be an excuse for non performance. So I really dont give a dam if Garrett cant win with Heath at safety.........he should have thought about that before he fired Ryan last year. No pass for injuries for him so no pass for injuries for Opie.

    Win the East or you are gone................no debate...........no discussion...............thats the way it is.............no excuses.
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    No coach can rebuild a team in 2 years and be surprised that they're struggling after all these injuries. But a fan could.
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    I blame Jerry.
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    The Garrett delusion knows no bounds.
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    No. The Jones delusion knows no bounds. As Rafael Vela put it: everything else is a symptom. Jones (Jerry and Stephens) are the disease.

    Rafael also aptly noted that in the second half of Sunday's nights game...the Cowboys featured 2 true NFL caliber players on defense. Not a lot of coaches are going to succeed with that.

    It's clear that Garrett isn't the answer. But the ardent Garrett critics are going to be soooo disappointed when the next coach does even worse. And mark it: he will.

    .500 seasons won't seem so awful when viewed from the rear view mirror when this team is parked at 5-11. Two-three-four years of ghetto are coming.

    Red just needs to get out of the NFL. He'll be much happier and well suited elsewhere. How can any of this be fun?
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    Like I said before, mediocrity is a curse. Be good and win games or be bad so you can get a competent coach elite talent. Mediocre accomplishes nothing.
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    I think you need to take a look around the NFL. And the rebuilding excuse is bull.
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    I agree. I'd rather let the fire burn the forest down (as is nature's plan) and then see it grow back rich and verdant. But let's not forget that when it's burning thru the next few years...it won't be fun.

    And let's not forget the darker fact: the ugliness will be all the more grim knowing that the Jones family is an effective cap against any future greatness. Championships are not going to happen with them running the show.

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