Jason Garrett on How Much He is Involved in Personnel

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rickjameschinaclub, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Nice summary
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    Couldn´t disagree more, Tomlin has a 68-36 career record that includes a SB ring, that ends the discussion, I really find hard to believe you could find one Cowboy fan or one GM in the league who would rather have Garrett than Tomlin. And IMO Fox is a heck of a coach, he even made it to the SB with Delhomme as a QB for crying out loud, he made it to the divisional playoffs with Tebow as his QB (last year’s coaching job in Denver was one of the best I´ve seen) put Tebow in our team this year and we win 3 games.
    Fox doesn´t get much credit at all, he gets the best out of his players and it seems nobody notices it, comparing this guys to Garrett who hasn´t accomplished anything as a HC is nonsense.

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