Jason Garrett Press Conference 12/31

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by StevenOtero, Dec 31, 2012.

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    (stupid cowboy fans)

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    I'm embarrassed for you.
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    Coming from someone who every year predicts a Super Bowl, and supports every dumb idea this franchise tosses at you. You would be an easy target for a salesman.
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    Did he really say they have handled the pressure well all season? They have had almost no answer for pressure the last FIVE years. A 5 yard hitch to Witten is not handling the heat, you have to make them pay or they will keep coming after you. They dont so teams keep coming and coming, living with the 5 yard hot reads knowing that Romo is going to melt down and make a critical mistake eventually.
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    Seems GMs/owners are sticking with coaches a bit longer these days and I understand that as longs as you are SURE that your coach is the right guy. I'm not so sure about JG because of the following concerns...
    - He has not shown improvement in the team or his skills from last yr (still 8-8), still major game management issues
    - Even though he seems to be a "player's coach" the Cowboys lack the type of coordinators or team leaders that can offset this weakness. (No Ray Lewis types)
    JG does not create fear to make players accountable and play with intensity. He uses all these "gentlemen" tactics which don't particularly work when the objective is to have your players tear the head off of the opponent.
    - He's over his head trying to run the team AND the offense when he's just a green inexperienced HC who is learning on the job.
    - His offensive approach is not a good fit for the cowboys personnel and it is dated. (Run oriented base set with weak OL)
    - I could go on but I'll leave it here for now

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