Jason Garrett Senior Bowl Interview Tweets - 1/22/13

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 22, 2013.

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    What makes you guys think Landry wanted to hire Hackett? Only when it fits your agenda I guess huh? Landry ended up taking the duties away later on and ran the show again.
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    pressures are not an official stat.

    every sack is a pressure, every pressure isn't even a positive play.

    the cowboys dl this year was talent-laden. it just happened to get very banged up.

    both primary pass rushers ended up getting pro bowl calls.

    you have to have playmakers on the back end to make plays.
    the cowboys are actively working on that.
  3. jterrell

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    largely because we didnt have consistent health or presence.

    we lost spencer for a while, ratliff for good stretches, ware was just hanging on the last month.
    brent was suspended.

    coleman isnt a pressure guy but he is a stud versus the run that would have kept rushers fresh was out early on.

    we had a solid pressure front as is.
    our turnovers were not solid, they were terrible.
  4. WoodysGirl

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  5. Rogerthat12

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    Sorry, but this defensive line is not talent laden.

    Spears, Coleman, declining and injury prone Ratliff, sometimes on/off Hatcher.

    Our pressure was not good which led to minimal turnovers, it has been this way for some time.

    I was personally up for upgrading the secondary last offseason but that made some impact but not enough, ultimately we did not pressure the QB enough to assist with turnovers.

    Obviously without the key cast you mention we were even worse at pressure but we were not very good before all the injuries and with reference to suspension.

    I will not overstate the case, injuries did hurt but the fact that we have struggled to get consistent pressure for years and after having spent much on the secondary, the results are simply not there at all.

    This DL needs new blood at the DE (Spencer walks) and DT positions, yes, S and LB are also probably needed but the DL is getting old (save Crawford, Liss) and unreliable (to injury, age).
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    No question that QB pressures are a big influence on interceptions and I don't think the Cowboys created enough pressure so in that aspect I do agree with Risen Star.

    However this team only rushed 3 guys... A lot. A whole lot, which again falls back onto the shoulders of the defensive coordinator.
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    True when you stop and think, on many 3rd down situation where the opposing team was in long yardage sure passing down instead of bringing the heat Ryan would rush 3.
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    We need a playcaller that attacks defenses.

    I think Garrett and Romo are just too coozy. Red way too often covers for Romo's shortcomings and playcalls so as not to expose Romo in certain situations.

    We need a playcaller who understands what the QB needs to do and call the play and get it done. If I see one more 1st and 10 run up the middle to start games only to be turned into 2 and 15..I'll puck.

    Let's get a professional OC in there..for heavensake.

    :starspin: RedBaLL EXPreSS:starspin:
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    having said that our D-L was a wreck all year , ratliff, brent and coleman out , plus sean and Bruce also being out didn't help. Ware was slowed by injuries , only spencer brought it.

    I guess if we have marginally better safety play our turnovers would have increased , Mccray ....:rolleyes:
  10. DFWJC

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    My guess is that Jery is blowing smoke...again.

    But he keeps saying that HE is the one that was insisiting that Garrett call the plays.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, I think Garrett even came out and said that he never insisted on calling plays and that being able to focus on HC duties only would be great.

    Garrett may be a lot of things to a lot of people, but I've never viewed him as a liar.
  11. ConstantReboot

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    Not true. If fans can see the obvious that play calling has been bad for several years then whomever that Jerry refers to have probably told him the same thing.

    This isn't about what fans wanted. This is Jerry realizing the truth about this team and that Garrett needs to stop calling the plays and allow someone else to do it. He should not have done so in the first place since it seems he was overwhelmed.

    We have lost games because of our predictability on offense and that teams already know how to stop us. Secondly, Garrett is too stubborn to give up the playcalling and that he thinks he can do it since he knows the 90s playbook and can bring it into this offense.

    Garrett's downfall isn't his playcalling. Its his inability to change plays or call plays that fit the talent of this team. Other teams have adapted and Garrett is too resistant to any type of change whatsoever.
  12. 5Stars

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    Why is Garrett doing the interviews? :confused:

    I thought it was Jerry that did all the hire and fire stuff.

  13. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Finally... I always thought Garrett would be a much better head coach if he left the play-calling duties up to someone else.
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    You make a good enough attempt at a defense here, but the fact remains that avatars are sort of designed to 'put a face to the name'. If a bunch of people are using the same avatar and often beating a dead horse to a rotting maggot ridden pureé about a particular unchangeable issue, then it should not be surprising to find that you are considered to be a group.

    Because the issue of JJ the GM is not changing, that group is looked at by me and others as boring (to put it nicely) or as incessantly annoying infection to this Forum (not as nice). As a result, I see the avatar and am immediately biased against whatever might be written within a particular post. Feel free to use whatever avatar you like, but don't act surprised that the reaction is not what you hoped for.
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    Whatever bias you want to have toward certain posters here is your own issue to deal with. I'm not really here to make friends (or enemies), just to post about the team. It doesn't effect me in the slightest if you do or don't read my posts. What I do find ironic is how much you guys like to incessantly point out that you are ignoring posts from my "group".

    Here's a thought -- if you disagree, either state your point of view, or just shut up about it. Following people around in every post to reiterate how much you despise certain posters here isn't really helping things.
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    Jumping into almost every thread with your agenda doesn't help much either.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    I don't really delve into personal stuff here. Any post I make is about the Cowboys. So if you want to call my opinion an agenda, that's fine. But one thing I do is keep posts on topic. So all I ask is if people disagree with me.. either state why you disagree, or please just ignore the post. Trolling/baiting replies only exacerbate the problem.

    IMO, there really isn't even a problem anyway. I have no problem with differing points of view. That's why we have this board. This place wouldn't be quite the same if everyone agreed.

    There's a lot of fans that are sick of the status quo and aren't afraid to talk about it. You just have to deal with that or ignore it.
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    Ranking 28th in takeaways on defense is a fireable offense.

    Ranking 25th in turnovers on offense.....meh.
  20. 5Stars

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    It's definetly uncomfortable at VR.

    For the players that the Cowboys had last season without getting all banged up?

    I hope someone will fix this mess.


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