Jason Garrett's big flaw

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Nov 22, 2013.

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    Mens, hospital orderlies, CEOs of start-ups, cubicle dwellers, snake charmers and persons of interest:

    Let's face it, Jason G. is smart, articulate. And beneath that sunny misdemenor is a bottomless well of intellectual waters.
    In my mind, in time, he will be one of the premier coaches of our land.

    But his flaw is believing that he could navigate the NFL without Jerra getting too much in the way.
    And, belief me, you can hire Nick Saban or Briles from Baylor or that Stanford coach or even the second coming of Smilin' Vince Lombardini and the Cowboys would still be one step behind because of the aforementioned jerra.

    We can't win with Jason because he can't win with Jerra.
    that is the facts Jacks.

    So, this offseason, let us start a conversation of social media, even show up where Jerra is with posters respectfully axing him to step aside.

    A boycott of his merchandise. Protests that capture national media's attention.
    We can also prank call him at night.

    Mens, we half to start a national campaign to ax Jerra to step aside.
    Anythign short of that is to be in this spot ever year: .500 and with no playoffs in sight.
    The Cowboys is too important to let it remain as Jerra's experiment. I love the man but hate his meddling.

    Give it a thought. Let us start the snowball of emancipation from him and his ego.
    Cowboys deserves better.
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  2. Corso

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    A worthy cause. Start a spreadsheet or something that we can track and send to the right mens.

    The campaign starts here.

    Grassroots- I like it. Storm the castle! The Emperor has no clothes and what's under it women laugh at!

    I'm in.
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    and if my aunt had balls she would be my uncle.

    Always some excuse for JG.
  4. xwalker

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    Will you be the person making the protest rally signs? I would fear that your attempts to make signs that Jerry is the devil would come out to English speaking crowds as Jerry is the greatest.

    It would be great to have you (GimmeTheBall) doing an audio interview with Jerry. That might be the funniest dialog ever.

    Gimme: Jera, you half to qweet bein da boz...

    Jerry: uh, uh, uh
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    Yes. Jerry Jones iced his own kicker. Jerry Jones plays extremely conservative football until the last 5 minutes of the game. Jerry Jones plays to protect 2 point leads. Jerry Jones is the one who can't handle game-clock management to save his life. Jerry Jones is the one who claps on the sideline after every failure on the field.
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    Saying Nick Saban would fail because of Jerry hurts your credibility a little bit for me. Several coaches have manged to have good teams while working for Jerry just not enough to meet high standards. 3 Cowboy coaches AND Nick Saban have went to the Miami Dolphins and had very limited success without Jerry. Dallas needs more people with the balls to play under the spotlight that comes with the gig cause the spotlight and Jerry aint goin away.
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    Not everything can be Jerry's fault. I believe with the right coaching and personnel, we can definitely be a winner. Jerry or no Jerry.
  8. xwalker

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    I don't understand the correlation between my post and your reply...
  9. zrinkill

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    never happened
  10. tecolote

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    Whatever, Jerry is not the one blowing games at the end, Jerry is not the one implementing a horrible offensive system. Jerry's biggest flaw as a GM is hiring head coaches, by far, I mean, Gailey, Campo, Wade and now Garrett, give me a break.
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    Garrett's biggest flaw was that he was given a job that he was not prepared or qualified for. I guarantee there are a few HC's of some of the big time Texas High School programs that would have done a better job so far than JG.

    I also don't get why people think JG is so smart, he's made so many mistakes that even casual fans could point out, his great offensive mind hasn't shown much creativity, innovation or consistency. A large part of the offensive stats have come from, breaking away from his game plans and having Romo play streetball. The smartest thing about JG is that he conned Jerry into thinking he's some kind of mastermind and will be the next great NFL HC and making millions while doing an average job at best. Now that's brilliant!
  12. Roadtrip635

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    Ask This Man If It Never Happened!


    Here is the icing for Garrett's Cake

  13. zrinkill

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    This has been explained time and again ....... the ref called it way late ........ Garrett did what he was supposed to do.
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    Maybe we can, maybe we can't, but we certainly can't with a guy that's not qualified to coach at the Div III level at this point.
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    Awesome post.
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    Whoa slow down there zrin. Don't be killing a perfectly good agenda like that.
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    The only instances where a Cowboys' coach made the SB with Jerry around was when Jimmy served as the acting GM or when his successor (Switzer) benefitted from Johnson's talent acquisitions. During Jimmy's time, Jerry was the GM in title only. Otherwise, under Jerry Jones' ACTIVE GM leadership, none of the coaches working under his management earned that level of success. It seems to me that's a pretty meaningful fact.
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