Jason Garrett's big flaw

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Nov 22, 2013.

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    Jerry is the one who has ignored the trenches and safety positions for the last decade.
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    They were Air Coryell.. My point is Ernie Zampese is not Norv Turner. Plus, Zampese was essentially done by then and the differences in play calling between Norv and the following OC became evident.

    Second, Jason Garrett was here one year as a third string QB, essentially brought over by his father from the Arena league. To claim he knew the ins and outs of Norv's offense with essentially one year of experience in the NFL, riding the pine, is utterly absurd. Why would Barry go to Jason out of all people and not Ernie himself, or many of the other Offensive coaches that were around in the Norv years.
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    The difference is Wade learned under one of the greatest coaches in the NFL ever, and continued his journey to learn among the great coaches like Dan Reeves and Buddy Ryan, which is why he is considered one of the great defensive minds of this era on his own merit.

    Your boy Garrett on the other hand followed daddy around his whole career. From Columbia, to Dallas and back to Dallas. His daddy also took his brothers with him, which is why Judd and Jim were working there until Jerry essentially fired Jason's own brother as passing game coordinator.

    Wade got his start from his father but earned his stripes..
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    The problem I have with the offense is that we rarely exploit weaknesses in the opposition's defense. That is partly a creativity issue, and partly a game planning issue. How many weeks did the average fan want Dez in the slot before the team finally did it?

    If Garrett chooses not to be creative, at least give your prime wide receiver a chance to make plays. Meaning that you have no shot at flawless execution if you don't take chances and make an attempt to execute the offense.

    Opposing defenses have claimed for years that this offense is vanilla. This team only wins when they execute it effectively.
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    Wow!!!! You hit the nail on the head!!!!
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    Yeah, Wade earned his stripes. Hope his stripes do not get taken away with the latest dismantling of his defensive team, this time by the Pats on Sunday.
    Face it, had Wade not had his faddah's name he'd be just another fat guy fixing appliances at the SaveMart near Carrollton.

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