jason white, why isn't he in any of the mock drafts

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Henson7, Nov 30, 2004.

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    What have you said that none of us agree with? I said his arm strength is by far stronger than that of Josh Heupel. When he has time in the pocket, White makes very good decisions and demonstrates very good intelligence. Your description of White is dead on. And you are right his mobility is that not bad but like you said, his arm strength isn't NFL quality and he has yet to demonstrate he can handle a quality defense blitzing him. LSU and Kansas St just made White look silly last yea and that's putting it mildly. And White didn't do anyting against their best opponent this year in Texas. Josh Heupel did a much better job recognizing the blitz than Jason White but Josh lacked the arm strength, size and athleticism White had.

    And a lot of people will disagree with me on this but I think the teams aside from Oklahoma and Texas in the Big 12 South are overrated. I think their rank is inflated. I want to see Jason White have a big game against an Auburn or USC type of defense.
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    Let me put two knee braces on you and chase you around the football field. I will give you a 3 second head start and I will catch you each and everytime beating you silly at every opportunity.

    This I can guarantee. :D

    Now after digesting this post. Do you see why Jason had no chance agaist those D's wearing that Terminator gear? :eek:
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    I too would like to see him have a big game against the type of opponents you mentioned. And I also agree with your Big 12 South assessment. If OU makes it to the Orange Bowl and he does well, his draft stock will obviously rise.

    (BTW, my post was directed at the posters who think White should be up there with Linehart on the NFL radar screen as well as those who think he sucks or is a Huepel replica. I hadn't seen your keen analysis before posting. Sorry! :) )
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    So what do you want from me? Do you want to me to tell you that Jason White should wear a big fat handicap sticker on the front of his helmet so the defense will see that and give him an extra 5 seconds to throw the ball. Unfortunately, there is no affirmative action for handicapped players in the NFL otherwise Peter, the Bubble Boy, would wear a flag so defenses wouldn't tackle him when he played tailback.
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    Of course not. I am just stating the obvious. In your previous post it didnt seem like you were taking into consideration the hardware he was wearing thus his problems escaping an aggressive rush. Let me mention one other thing. We all know Oklahoma did not even have a running game until late in the LSU game. That O was a pure passing attack last year. This year Jason has shown better mobility because he is healthy and w/ Peterson folks now have to respect the run. With AD in the backfield this year that buys Jason at least 1 second of more protection before the D can react to a pass play.
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    My bad, I actually saw who you were directing your comments too so my apologies there. Yeah, I hope White has a big game against one of those opponents. I think it was his handling of the blitz that concerned NFL scouts more than his perceived lack of NFL arm strength. The good thing is that one can learn how to read the blitz so a patient team may select him in the 4th-6th round.
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    Sorry Dallas, I was kidding and giving you a hard time too. I should have denoted that somehow :) But yeah, the guy obviously sufferred from those knee injuries which was tragic because he was having great years prior to those injuries. Those ACL tears came at a very inopportune time. But if you go back and read my post, I wasn't really that critical of his mobility. I was critical of his slow reads when facing the blitz. He seems to panic at times when faced with the blitz. I think his mobility has been suprisingly decent. I'm not that worried about his mobility.
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    Think Danny Wuerffel with possibly two degenerative knee injuries, and its not hard to see why he's not listed as a top NFL prospect.
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    Reminds me a lot of one Chris Weinke (though Weinke was 27 when he graduated).
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    yeah, he sure looked dead on accurrate vs Kansas St and LSU last yr

    I'm betting he goes undrafted, and if he does sneak in the draft it'll be late on day two

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    No more like Gino Torretta.

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