Jason Witten Pass Int Call...video

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by eduncan22, Sep 14, 2006.

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    That is a pretty fair analysis.

    William's no-call seems clearly more abvious to me, however. He grabs Henry by the back of the head and pulls him down. Pretty a poor no-call IMO. Witten's push-off IS technically PI, but a fairly weak one at that. Seems to me that Witten would have gotten the seperation without the push off (Mathis seemed ot be playing a little soft on that play). Too bad.

    Here's to getting the better end of the officiating next week.
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    I saw the play and re-watched the clip that is posted here. I don't think Mathis interfered with Witten he held his ground and I think had Witten not extended his arms it would have gone as a no call. Now on Henry play he runs up to Williams in the end zone and engages the WR, Williams does push back so both players are making contact but and it goes as a no call. In my opinion the plays were not the same and thus one was called offensive PI and the other a no call. Just my opinion and I don’t say this with any joy about it I would loved to have seen the ref let Wittens play go but I did see what he saw on the play so I can’t complain. That is if you want my honest opinion.

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