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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Arrius, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Jason Witten looked like a All Pro tight end again last night. It was nice to see Jason involved in the offense again. It is interesting how the commentators have been saying that Jason wasn't involved in the passing game as much because he was needed more for blocking. "Because of a poor offensive line". I never believed that statement one bit. And I believe that Jason proved that last night.
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    Yea I'm finally starting to get some reward for my Witten for Darrell Jackson trade in fantasy football too.....
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    It is so obvious that Bledsoe just wasn't seeing the field. He was reading everything too slowly. Boy, how I wish we had started the season with Romo. At the time, I thought Bledsoe was the best bet, but his performance was dismal and I still don't understand the decisions he made (even with his history).
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    Umm it was true. He simply doesn't need to stay back and block anymore. Same with Fasano.

    And that is why Romo is better than Bledsoe. It allows our tight ends to do what they were brought here to do. The offense we saw yesterday was the unsealed offense we thought we'd have going into the season.
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    Witten also had some nice blocks. He took Rucker out of the play on MBIII's first TD. Just drove him inside and into the endzone.

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