Jay Glazer says Jerry is "stripping power" from Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Jan 25, 2013.


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    I post this because A.) I agree and B.) I believe Glazer to be the best "insider" in the business. He's tight with so many NFL players and I can't remember the last story this guy missed on.

    He was on the "Petros and Money" radio show in Fox Sports Radio tonight. They asked him about the moves and he said Jerry is stripping power from Garrett with the coaching moves he's made and that Cowboys players in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl are wondering what's going on. Also said people he's talked to in the NFL are confused by the Kiffin hire.

    Before Glazer is branded as a "hater", he actually said in this interview that he thought the team was headed in the right direction under Garrett. He said all the players he's talked to said he gained a lot of respect with how he guided the team through the Josh Brent debacle. I believe his exact quote was that he "they had something good going on there" before Jerry intervened. He said he'd rather have Garrett calling plays than Bill Callahan.

    Just passing the info along.
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    So, is Jay Glazer reporting that the players think that Jerry is stripping Garrett's power, or is he reporting that the rest of the NFL thinks that Jerry is stripping Garrett's power?
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    I'll stick with Jerry's argument: We were 8-8 the past two seasons, something had to change .... and we know it's not going to be Jerry.

    I have no problem switching defenses in hopes that it will help. I have no problem stripping Garrett of power by switching play-callers in hopes that it will help. I'd have no problem with switching coaches for the same reason.

    Dallas did not have "something good going on there" before Jerry intervened. Dallas had a .500 team, again. And if these changes don't make things better, then it becomes time to either change head coaches or key personnel or both.
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    Its a BS move. Everyone knows its it Jerry Jones BS move. Keep the team in the spotlight.

    He is Al Davis v2.
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    I agree with him on everything. Garrett clearly has been undressed this offseason. He sure is a better option than Callahan to run this offense.

    Jerry decided that what this team needed was more him.

    I wonder how this ends?
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    Jay glazer is the only reporter I believe. He usually is spot on and I really do believe Jerry is doing this. He can't deal with Garrett and his losing ways but until Jerry relinquishes some control to someone who has knowledge about football, we're doomed
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    More than anything it is a BS move because Jerry has been pimpin' Garrett as the next Landry for the last 7 Seasons!


    Sorry....anyway, it's also a BS move in an age of constant communication, there are only approx 2000 (about your College or High School Graduating Class) players and Primary Coaches (HC, DC and OC) all together in the NFL.

    The Players around the NFL constantly communicate and for 16 seasons have percieved the Players on the Dallas Cowboys Roster as weakly led by a weak minded Owner/GM with a bad culture around the team, stadium and city.

    The Joneses will only get worse, before they get better.

    On the good side...well at least they know they suck bad enough to scapegoat half the staff.
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    This OP demos yet further evidence that the offseason is going in the wrong direction... i.e. further into the ditch.

    These coaching changes are utterly ill-conceived, convincing only the weak-minded that anything substantive will change for Cowboy nation.

    Sturm speaks correctly, "The cycle of insanity is alive and well.
  9. john van brocklin

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    Not well i'm sad to say :(
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    2010 ... 6 wins, 10 losses .. no playoffs
    2011 ... 8 wins, 8 losses .. no playoffs
    2012 ... 8 wins, 8 losses .. no playoffs

    Hate Jerry or love Jerry, things needed to change. I realize some people wanted Garrett gone so the best rant path now (in their minds) is to throw out the "might as well fire Garrett now" battle cry even though that's what they wanted all along.

    As I have said several times, I am neither sad nor happy that Garrett is the coach. The only thing that matters to me as a fan is results and so far, there have not been any. If the players were not supportive and playing hard for Garrett, it would be easy to say start over completely with the coaching staff. Since that is not the case, I can see why Jerry is doing what he's doing. Even if I don't agree with every move he makes, the bottom line is that things needed to change because what we had was not working.

    As for questioning Kiffin's hire, I can say that I have heard mostly positive comments on this from the media. The only real complaints I have heard have come from some fans, a few fan-written blog articles and PFT which is the same thing. If Kiffin's defense performs well, we have our future DC on the staff in Rod Marinelli when Kiffin retires.

    All I know is that two of the best defensive coordinators every year were Jim Johnson (died at 68) and Dick LeBeau (75). The best thing about those two guys was that neither wanted to be a head coach .. they were perfectly happy being a DC. In the NFL these days, that is rare. Most coordinator positions are temporary yearly auditions. They do well, they leave. They do badly, they get fired. Otherwise, you keep an average coordinator year after year. If Kiffin does work out, it will be nice knowing we are not likely to lose him.

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    Who cares. The less power Garrett has, the better. He is a problem with this team, not a solution.
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    And what we have had for 16 years is Jerry Jones NOT BEING A FOOTBALL GUY.

    Poor guy, it's just not in Jerry Jones to be a football person, for one he can't even shut up about who or what position he is Drafting.

    Not hard to explain, in one word I'd say Belichik...or the Mannings....better yet GM Ozzie Newsome because they have a real plan and they are looking 3 years ahead....Jerry is like sprite just flying by the seat of his pants with the wind each season...nvr had it nvr will.
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    It could be worse, Jason could be out of a job completely.
  14. theogt

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    Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys when you were just shy of puberty. He has been running an NFL team ever since, around some of the most talented coaches, scouts and players to ever be involved in the game. The idea that he is not a "football guy" had merit in the 1990s -- at least the early part thereof. You're simply 20 years late. He may be stupid. He may be egotistical. But he learned more about football before the turn of the century than you'll hope to learn in a lifetime. Stop exhaling whatever hot air some worthless radio personality breathed into your skull.
  15. SilverStarCowboy

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    Wrong my that is my deceased brothers B-day, I'm 44. Jones is a piece of crap who stole the Dallas Cowboys from you and everyone else.

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    Jerry knowing more about football than someone who posts on a message board (which I'm not even convinced is the case) doesn't really mean he's equipped to be GM of an NFL team.
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    Your posting history led me to believe the date was wrong. But I had thought it was in error 20 years in the opposite direction.
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    If I hang around with the Rolling Stones for 20 years, does that mean I can play guitar?
  19. dadymat

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    Jones was a star running back at North Little Rock HS ,

    He was a co-captain of the 1964 National Championship football team.

    He was an all-SW Conf O lineman

    24 years experience in NFL as GM

    3 SB wins

    13 seasons with Playoff appearance

    8 NFCE champs

    now give me the list of GMs with better resumes....and see if you can respond without saying "17 years and counting" or "Jimmy did it"
  20. theogt

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    Sure, he may not be equipped to be a GM, but it's not because he's "not a football guy".

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