Jay Glazer says Jerry is "stripping power" from Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Jan 25, 2013.

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    The OL is awful. One of the NFL's worst. Having said that, even the worst OLinemen don't get abused on every single play. Even Rob Petitti and Torin Tucker would occasionally have an adequate play.

    As much as I've bashed Romo, there were times he played out of his mind to accumulate those 4900 yards, dodging rushers and making good throws.
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    This was your first post, huh?
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    welcome....youll fit right in
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    A serious question for those bashing the owner for 'his' moves this offseason:

    Who's 'fault' will it be if this coming season turns out to be 10-6 or even 9-7...both improvements over last season?? Lemme guess: it'll be Garrett being the messiah that all his champions say he is becoming. On the other hand, if the season ends worse than the tepid last two, it'll be the owner's fault. I'm not a Jerry Jones supporter per se, but he's the consumate scape goat for the angst of the hand wringers. All the bad, but none of the good:lmao2:
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    I don't think it comes down to record this time as to whose fault it will be. Jason will need to make the playoffs, period. It won't matter what the record is to get in and it will need to be a deep playoff run.

    I think in his mind Jerry has put himself in a win win position if you look at it. If Red regresses and goes worse than 8-8, JJ can say "well I surrounded him with better coaches and we didn't get the result." If Red goes on a deep playoff run JJ can say "I told you so, I told you he's the guy...continuity blah blah." In his mind those two angles would continue to shield the player personnel decisions that we won't see until April begins.
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    Yeah...that's pretty much the response the Jerry haters will use too (again prefacing with I'm not necessarily on one side or the other with him). I guess I was just pointing out that the one who's in a no win is Jones. All of the blame, but none of the credit if the moves work. If they work, most of the Garrett supporters will say they were his moves...if they flop, the moves will have been Jones' :laugh2:

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