Jay Glazer says Jerry is "stripping power" from Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Jan 25, 2013.

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    no, i very seriously doubt you do...
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    re-read your posts on the last two pages. if you're going to come from teh mickey spagnola school of fandom at least be consistent. you build up jerry's resume and GM credentials several times by using the 3 super bowls he won he the 90s yet you also exclaim this out the other side of your mouth...

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    I've hung around chefs all my life, still cant make a good souffle.
  4. dadymat

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    well if your gonna come from the Tim Mcmahon school of cherry picking quotes then you arent worth my time......

    why dont you re read my posts and learn WTH your talking about....

    obviously your anti Jerry alarm sounded and you come into the middle of a debate im having with another and decided that THAT quote was worth mouthing to .....lol....

    for you and the other slow ones, I was responding to the assumption that Jerry is not a football guy and asked him to clearly define what experience he thinks a football guy should have, and to give me a list of NFL GMs with a better resume.....

    he gave empty answers and we ended up in an empty discussion, and you, as expected chose to jump into the empty discussion ..and like he, ignored the original intent

    so if you wanna argue quotes or mickey mouse thats fine , knock yourself out....I asked 2 simple questions
  5. dadymat

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    some are slower than others.....keep trying
  6. cannonball44

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    and thats what Jerry tells himself everyday. :cool:

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    Then you realize she didn't actually cook those three good meals. She had someone else do it while she stood off to the side and watched.
  8. dadymat

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    Na, couldn't happen....my wife is way too smart to believe in fairy tales
  9. Risen Star

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    Exactly right.

    If your presence in the league and your tenure is entirely reliant on a wallet, you're a fraud. It's like calling Dan Snyder a football guy.

    When your GM and your VP of Personnel has no prior background in personnel you get what the Cowboys have gotten over the last 17 years. Which would be decidedly worse without the Parcells years.
  10. reddyuta

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    Iam honestly ok with kiffin now that marinelli is onboard.
  11. Plankton

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    Jones was never an all SWC offensive lineman. He only started for one year at Arkansas due to injuries.

    There's no need to embellish his resume when it's irrelevant to the discussion.
  12. StarWiz2

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    I'm going to say right off the bat that I love Jerry Jones. He's a good man, and has been a great owner, notwithstanding his putrid record over the last 17 years. The reason for the putrid record? Easy, Jerry Jones, GM.

    I just don't think an owner of a NFL team can successfully carry out the dual role of owner/GM in this day and age of the NFL. Just like I also don't think a HC can be both HC/Coordinator. (There are very few exceptions. JG isn't one of them. He simply doesn't have the experience to carry it off).

    At any rate, anybody who didn't see the JJ blowup coming after the Cowboys lost to the Redskins twice in one season, wasn't looking very closely. JJ is 70 years old. He's not going to suffer fools gladly. And he's also not dumb. He sat and watched JG lose games all by himself because of his inexperience just like we did. Unfortunately for JG, those games were important because they kept us out of the playoffs the last two years. Not that we would have gotten past the first round if we had. Still, it was apparent by the end of this season, that JG couldn't be both HC and OC.

    I don't know what kind of come to Billy meeting JG and JJ had, outside of the tangible coaching changes, but what I've taken out of it is that JG was humble enough to recognize that 8-8 isn't acceptable, and changes had to be made. So, any speculation about whether JJ is trying to force JG out really is fruitless. Imo, if JJ wanted JG gone, he'd have fired him before he fired RR. Additionally, the speculation as to whether JJ emasculated JG by hiring Kiffin and firing John G is also fruitless. Why? Because when it comes right down to it, no matter who the HC is, JJ is always going to be THE MAN. He's always going to have control.

    Which is why, year after dismal year, Cowboy fans get to watch JJ blindly chasing his tail, while the team remains mired in mediocrity.
  13. cml750

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    Garrett was and has been a problem with this team. While he has some good qualities as a head coach, he has been WAY in over his head trying to run the offense too. There are very few coaches who can excel pulling double duty like that. I think Jerry is setting Garrett up for success. He recognized he is in over his head and is addressing the problem. Will it mean success? Who knows but is was painfully obvious to anyone who understands football that Garrett was absolutely terrible trying to do both jobs. If we had maintained the status quo, next year would be a waste before it ever started, so I am glad Jerry got proactive to help his young coach succeed.

    :beer2: Here's to what has the potential to be a very successful season next year.!!!!:starspin
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    This is a high quality post.
  15. Plankton

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    Being that the existence of Jerry the Gm is entirely due to Jerry the Owner, how can you say that Jerry is a great owner and you love the owner?
  16. junk

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    "Football guy" is such an ambiguous term.

    However, the personnel guy that shapes the roster, whatever title you want to bestow him, does come with a certain set of skills that are refined on a pretty specific career path. If you look around the league at the best front offices, you see a pretty clear trend.....most are being led by guys who have worked their way up the scouting ranks.....often under already experienced, established NFL personnel men. The one exception being Belichick although he also has a very unique background and has spawned a tree of NFL front office personnel himself.

    That's the one thing that Jerry is missing. He's never been a scout. He's never worked his way up the ranks scouting players, having his rankings discussed, evaluated and critiqued by peers and superiors. He's never refined that technique that would make him well qualified to lead a personnel department. As a result, he also can't critique, evaluate and discuss players with his scouts......or really even evaluate the job that they are doing.

    Neither has the Cowboys Director of Player Personnel. Neither has the director of pro scouting.

    Has nothing to do with what the media says.....it is simply observing what the Cowboys do versus what the rest of the successful teams in the league do.
  17. Apollo Creed

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    He makes it seem like managing a football team is quantum physics of something.

    Granted the cap situations can be a tad confusing, but not many GMs really manage every team's nickel - they just delegate the majority of responsibility amongst his staff.

    He merely surrounds himself with informed, experienced, and skilled professionals and submit him input - where he can merely be the final decision maker.

    Scouting, draft boards, free agency, roster management, CBAs, contract negotiations, etc - can't be that difficult, in fact I'd say it's probably a lot easier than over half of the upper level executive positions for fortune 500 companies.

    So to just suggest that Jerry has become a great football mind simply by osmosis is ridiculous, I'm certain he's absorbed a lot - but it never really translates that way when he opens his mouth.
  18. Woods

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    After 3 sub-par seasons, things had to change at VR.

    JJ is obviously not going to sell the team.

    Frankly said, if you look at the changes on the defensive side, imo, the coaches we have brought on are better than the guys who were here. Well, at least they have more skins on the wall. There is no denying that.

    I don't know if they have enough quality players. But we're about to find out.

    As for the offense, imo, the main problem is the lack of consistent play for several years from the OL. That makes the play calling and offense more one dimensional than it should be.

    I really don't think it matters who the play caller is on the team. Unless you can protect the QB, open up a few running holes, etc. you are often going to be inconsistent over the years.
  19. rickjameschinaclub

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    1. How many Cowboy players are in the Pro Bowl? People seem to miss this reality. I don't see Tony Romo playing at the Pro Bowl. Dez Bryant isn't there. Murray, nope... Is Witten even there?
    2. Gaining respect over how one handles a Josh Brent situation and how one coaches a team are two totally different things... And if it took this long to gain respect, what does that mean was happening before?
  20. hutch1254

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    You can look at the coaching changes in two ways. One is "stripping power from Garrett" the other is "surrounding Garrett with the tools to succeed."

    I'm stuck in between these two thoughts. While I do think JJ is giving JG the chance to succeed by surrounding him with what he feels are better coaches at various positions I can't help but lean on past track record of JJ and that word we will always associate with him...."meddling."

    To me it's funny. JJ is handling the coaching staff like he handles the roster. Building in reverse. Adding coaches and MAYBE telling JG this is who you HAVE to work with. But of course there will that press statement..."Jason and Stephen and I along with many others come to a decision and conclusion together."

    How the coaching staff has been assembled in the recent weeks feels very much like how JJ chooses the players. He starts building by selecting positions that are furthest away from the ball. His shiny new toy positions he likes. That is so backwards to me. The impact positions in the league are those closest to the ball, OL, DL, QB. What is going to happen when the new coaching staff that has been put into place doesn't overcome the lack of talent given to the positions closest to the ball? Red gets fired.

    If you're in the camp that JJ is "surrounding Garrett with the tools to succeed" then it has to be more than just the coaching staff pieces. JJ has to surround Red with better pieces closest to the ball too. I guess we will see if that begins to happen come April.

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