Jay Glazer says Jerry is "stripping power" from Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I thought Jason Garrett was changing the culture himself to allow this team to succeed... Now, he needs other people to do it for him?
  2. Wood

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    don't try to rationalize what Jerry is doing. He is in manic bi-polar phase and not being medicated. You will drive yourself nuts trying to make sense of it.
  3. Reality

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    Well said!

  4. Woods

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    IMO, and really it is only an opinion, because I obviously have no insight into the workings at VR . . . . I think JJ really wants Garrett to succeed. And I think Garrett wants to succeed coaching the Cowboys. He and his family have a good history with the organization.

    The status quo isn't good enough. JJ clearly recognizes that. Garrett also knows 8-8 seasons aren't going to cut it. From Garrett's perspective and JJ's perspective, you have to give it your best shot next year.

    You have to do what is necessary, as difficult as those changes will be. JJ recognizes that if Garrett doesn't get the job done in 2013, it will be difficult to rationalize keeping Garrett on - even if he wants to. And Garrett knows that another average season is pretty much close to the end.

    If that means sitting down and discussing everything from type of defensive scheme on defense to offensive play caller, so be it - as uncomfortable as those discussions may be.
  5. BrassCowboy

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    doesn't really matter what side of the fence you sit on, the truth is this: Garrett is not getting it done. period. this is the fact I believe most football people understand as fact.

    so the only two options available to jerry is these:

    1. Fire JG and hire a new HC
    2. Keep JG, but put him in a position to where he can be HC without being distracted with other duties like playcalling, where most other headcoaches in the NFL do not have to worry about (and those other coaches were never considered to be "stripped of power")

    Both of these options would for surely include entirely new staff members or atleast a nice size shakeup.

    Jerry being Jerry is nothing new, and this year is not any different then 3 years ago when he made JG Head coach. Did anyone really think JG had full autonomy then? same now
  6. BrassCowboy

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    no Jason needs fired, but Jerry is being merciful. We will see how it works out now that Jason can concentrate on just being a headcoach
  7. hutch1254

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    Nice response post. Thanks. I can't disagree with it, not that I'm looking to. JJ wants Red to succeed of course...he hand picked him, paid him extra to stay as an OC. JJ wants this to succeed because if Red does, JJ does. While I don't really have too many issues with who JJ has chosen at the coaching positions in recent weeks I need to see the choices he makes with the roster in the coming months. If he truly wants Red to succeed he'll ensure that "impact players" are in the trenches. Not at WR and CB as done previously. This will give the new coaches a chance to succeed as well and snowball from there.
  8. cml750

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    Excellent post and I agree 100%!!!:starspin

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    The guy you just described... JERRY SAID HE WOULD FIRE HIM.

    And I love how you end the post asking us to ignore the last 17 years of mediocrity as if it didn't happen. That's rich.
  10. Wolfpack

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    Thats a great articulate post of the biggest core issue...thanks.
  11. nake

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    If Jerry hires Gruden, hopefully he will make Jason Garrett the GM.
  12. jday

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    It honestly depends on how you decide to look at it. I rarely trust the media perspective, because drama sales. On the flipside, I rarely trust what the team/dallascowboys.com says, because they will typically spin it in manner that would suggest there is "nothing to see here."

    I am not a fan of Jerry Jones the GM. In my view, he has failed miserably as a GM. You need only look at the 1 playoff win in the last 16 years to see why I feel this way. Having said that, I do not think the moves he has made up to this point should suggest that he is looking to replace Garrett. Nor do I feel he is "stripping power" away from Garrett; you can't strip away that which was never there to begin with; Jerry Jones has said from the beginning that he will make all final decisions which means he has had all the power from the beginning and until he dies, I really don't see that changing.

    Now, if you want to say he is stripping responsibilities away, you would be accurate. But I'm not sure that should be viewed as necessarily a bad thing. As a Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator, I think Jason Garrett was too close to his offense to see the big picture in some games. For instance, there were a few instances were I feel he gave up on the run too soon in games, not thinking about the burden he was placing on his defense by not controlling the ball and the clock. Personally, in the long run, I think this will be viewed as a good thing. However, the statement does come with a condition: Jerry Jones must stay the course even beyond next year. Given the changes that are being made on defense and the already surplus of holes on this team, I honestly think it may be unreasonable to expect this team to make the playoffs next year.
  13. CATCH17

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    He wasn't qualified to do this kind of job to begin with.

    The guy has absolutely no presence during a game unless he is doing something negative.
  14. Idgit

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    Not sure I understand the point. Your knocking the coach because there aren't many probowl players on the roster?

    And the coach had the players respect from the day he took over and reversed the tailspin under Wade. There really are worse things than back-to-back 8-8 seasons playing for the division crown in week 17. When Glazer comes out and says JG's got something going in Dallas, he's probably tuning into something that more fans should pay some attention to. Jerry's unnecessary interference notwithstanding.
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    Well, if Garrett fails here and is let go, Jerry's credibility as a hc evaluator will be shot. He'll be forced to hire a "big name" hc and make whatever allowances go along with that. Fans wouldn't buy anything else. IOW, a JG firing could very well result in JJ stripping his own power as well (assuming a "big name" would demand more autonomy). That's why I think Jerry is still holding out tremendous hope that Garrett will be successful here, and in his mind he's not doing anything to discredit Jason.
  16. hutch1254

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    In regards to Jerry's own power as GM, you made a good point, he'd have to relinquish something otherwise the fans definitely won't buy in. Good post.
  17. Gemini Dolly

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    Man, this is like asking would you rather die burning alive, or drowning. They both suck.

    Jason having less power only means Jerry gains more. But, the less power Jason has, the better. Jason needs to just focus on being coach. Thats it.
  18. Woods

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    Actually, you make a great point.

    We have seen some very tough decisions made regarding the coaching staff. Brutally tough decisions, including JG's own brother.

    In the realm of the cap and what is possible, are we going to see some really tough decisions made regarding the roster in the coming few months?
  19. dadymat

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    I love how you dont seem to want to answer the question I asked and insist on throwing out the same OLD response....im fully aware of the last 17 seasons.....they usually end in disappointment, has no barring on the question I asked , or the point i was trying to make..

    Once again for the slow people, Im responding the notion that Jerry is not a football guy, I didnt say hes done a great job over the last 17 years...im not saying he is best GM in the league....im merely saying in fact he is a football guy and asked for the list of GMs with better resumes....
  20. Zordon

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    name another team that would hire him. it should be easy to name one considering his resume is far superior to most GMs.

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