Jay Glazer says Jerry is "stripping power" from Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. gimmesix

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    By whom and how?

    Complaining about Jerry the GM on a message board is just complaining to be heard. It isn't going to make him quit being the GM, making whatever decisions he feels need to be made for his football team, etc.

    I absolutely wish Jerry would hire a GM, but realize that constantly obsessing over it, whining about who has the power or berating every move because it's a Jerry move accomplishes absolutely nothing.

    Instead, I'd rather focus on the things that can and are changing and not worry about who's changing them. If I couldn't get past the who, if that was my obsession knowing it's not going to change, frankly I wouldn't want to follow a team where I had to do that.
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    Wrong, it is heard and is does make a difference, message baords are a big part of the reason Jerry Jones heard the Booos LOUD AND CLEAR out at the Deth Star.
  3. gimmesix

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    Who cares if he's booed? Certainly not Jerry, who has been hearing them since the day he fired Landry and still makes it absolutely clear he's not going to quit being GM of this team.

    Again, complaining about Jerry is just complaining. It serves no other purpose than that.
  4. SilverStarCowboy

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    Jerry has to listen.
  5. BrassCowboy

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    nah, if anyone thinks we make a difference commenting on this forum with the team is fooling themselves. That is why I don't get why some people take opinions so serious as if it matters.
  6. SilverStarCowboy

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    It makes a difference.
  7. Clove

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    What have you done for me lately? McNabb was a super star, winning winning winning, until he couldn't win anymore.

    We all know Jerry was a paycheck writer back when Jimmy compiled all those wonderful credentials. Once Jimmy boy left, what has Jones done exactly?

    If you can't see how horrible he is at his job, then consider this.

    How many coaches has Jerry gone through? Every 3 years or so, he fires and hires a new coach. Why? Because they did not produce results. But has Jerry the GM produced results? The answer is NO. So why should he keep his title if he doesn't produce results yet he fires everyone else? Well, because he owns the place, and when you own something, you do what you want to with it, including destroy it like he's done.
  8. jjktkk

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    Lol, now this is funny. :laugh1:
  9. SilverStarCowboy

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    Jay Glazer makes a difference. Troy Aikman. Darren Woodson. Stephen A. Smith. On and On.

    Couldn't sneak himself bye on a Cancer Fund Commercial in his own Stadium without getting booed, that's bad.

    Think people hate him now, that is only going to get worse, he asked for it.
  10. gimmesix

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    Why? Is the stadium half-empty? Are the Cowboys no longer the No. 1 draw on TV in the NFL? Are the merchandise sales lagging?

    If you want Jerry to listen, you have to speak his language.

    I do believe Jones cares about winning in his own way, but I don't think the fans or commentators hold any sway on how he approaches it, unless they hit him in the wallet.
  11. junk

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    I actually think you'd hear very little about Jerry except there seems to be a contingent of people on this board that, oddly, defend him.

    It seems to be a CZ thing. Most other boards I visit all seem to generally acknowledge and agree Jerry is an issue and move on to discuss other things.
  12. Holdenteller67

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    Then skip those posts. Honestly when the biggest issue on this team is Jerry Jones you can't help but talk about him and the complete circus he has created. Every problem, every concern starts and ends with Jerry Jones. It is ridiculous how incompetent he is at his job and how egomaniacal he is by refusing to step down.

    Back to a point you made earlier it does matter who makes the decisions on the staff. It's Garrett's staff, he should have all the say. If Jerry wants to have input fire the head coach. He does everything wrong. He should have never hired Garrett in the first place and now he is deciding who should or shouldn't be on his staff.
  13. dupree89

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    The heat/pressure is going to be extremely high during the 2013 season. I'm not saying whether its fair/unfair, classy/not classy...If this team somehow gets off to a 1-3 or 2-4 start... Jerry Jones, Garrett and Romo are going to be taking heat like never before. Doesnt matter how any of the 3 perform their individual jobs, a bad start will have that trifecta of GM, head coach and QB get blasted like they've never been ripped before.
  14. Trajan

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    Jerry appears to care when booed in public. If you have an ego, want accolades as a great GM the last thing to have is your fans booing you on national TV, must vex him something fierce. As a business guy he probably also wants a better return on his player investment than 8-8, how could he not a ? Sure, he is making money, but he is also spending a lot on salaries and would expect a better result for all that cash.
  15. cml750

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    All the Jerry hate is rather funny. He will never turn the reigns over to anyone else until his health dictates he has to. To be a Cowboys fan everyone has to learn to accept Jerry whether they like him or not because he isn't going to stop until he has to. The only thing that Jerry understands as far as messages go is money. If fans would stop going to the stadium, buying merchandise, etc.... that might get his attention but it will never cause him to step down and hire a 'football guy". When Jerry's health fails and Stephen takes over it will be interesting to see if Stephen hires a "football guy" or if he follows in his fathers footsteps and does it all himself.
  16. tyke1doe

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    Stephen Jones, is that you?
  17. Prossman

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    I love Jerry but he does step it from time to time, not everytime. Garretts offense is struggling on the details and and his HCing is struggling with the detail side of it. bringing in a OC to call plays or getting calahan to do it, could be a huge blessing in disguise for Jason. Jaosn Garrett studies great leaders of teams and does his best to instill their principals on his teams. This move could very well free up RHG to be the leader we all hope he can be.
  18. Beast_from_East

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    Well, Glazer is one of the few guys that actually has some inside info and he doesnt just make crap up like Werder does. So, if he says that Jerry is stripping powers from Garrett, you can believe it.

    Now, is this a good thing or a bad thing? I think this is a good thing no matter which side of the fence you sit on regarding Garrett. If you think he is a complete idiot and has no business being HC, then you are happy Jerry is stripping Garrett of responsibilities. If you are a Garrett supporter you are happy as well because Jerry chose to strip Garrett of powers instead of just flat out fire him.

    What I think happened was that Jerry and Jason had a nice long talk on the plane (after everybody else was told to get off) and Jerry broke it down for Jason, that he desperately wants him to succeed but 8-8 seasons are not going to be tolerated.

    That brings us to 2013 and even the most hard core Garrett supporters realize that this is the make or break season. There is virtually no way Jerry can keep Garrett on and sell it to the fans if this team does not make the playoffs. Simply stated, if this team does not make the playoffs Jason Garrett will be fired at season's end.

    I am pretty sure this was explained to Garrett on that plan in no uncertain terms.
  19. Risen Star

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    It's a complete distortion. Any fan who paid attention when Jerry bought the team knows he wasn't an active GM during the dynasty. When you have to use those years to justify these, it's absolute desperation.

    His 24 years as a GM doesn't mean anything. Why? Because he didn't earn the position and didn't have to perform to keep it. Give him 44 years at the helm, it'll mean just as little.

    He played college ball. That's great but does not make him a qualified candidate to head the football operations for any NFL team.
  20. Beast_from_East

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    While I tend to agree with you, its kinda a moot point.

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