Jay-Z, Fabolous, Jermaine Dupri pick Cowboys to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl

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    Jay-Z, Fabolous, Jermaine Dupri Make Super Bowl Predictions

    'The Cowboys and the Jets in the Super Bowl,' Jigga says.
    By Shaheem Reid


    Jay-Z stopped by Ed Lover's Power 105.1 radio show and dropped another nickname for himself: "Jigga the Greek," referencing the late sports commentator and bookie Jimmy the Greek.

    Hov predicted the New York Jets would be up against the Dallas Cowboys in this year's Super Bowl.

    "Cowboys, that's my pop's team — what I'mma do? The Cowboys and the Jets in the Super Bowl. I'm gonna put that out there," he said.

    However, we asked around, and fellow Brooklynite Fabolous said Jay is a little off.

    "The Jets got a lot of spirit right now," Loso said. "I ain't gonna lie. Jay is just pro-New York. He would love for the Jets to be there. It's a lot of hard teams they would have to beat — the Chargers this week. I would love to see the Jets in there. Going into it, they have the spirit of the Cinderella team. It would be dope for them to be in there, but my Colts are not going down, brother. Sorry.

    "Of course my Colts are going to the Super Bowl. NFC wise, it's a little tough over there. The Cowboys are playing good ball. I don't think [Cowboys quarterback Tony] Romo is consistent. The Saints, I think, toward the end of the year after that loss, they haven't been playing the same. The Vikings ... I'm a little shaky with Brett Favre. The Cardinals, I'm a little shaky too. If I had to take one, I would say the Cowboys right now and the Colts."

    Jermaine Dupri agreed. "It's gonna be the Cowboys and the Colts. I'm a Cowboys fan. I always been a Cowboys fan. That's my team," the producer explained. "I personally don't think the Colts gonna make it. They got the best chance to make it, but the Cowboys definitely going. That Brett Favre sh--, a quarterback can't beat us. Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson — if they can't stop our running game this weekend, they got a problem. Then the Saints, we seen them get beat. I think Ray Lewis and [the Ravens] got a chance of going back to the Super Bowl. They're a team that's been there and people count them out — then here they come, they done beat New England. I just think they gonna show and prove differently from what people know."
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    Im glad they picked our boys to make it to the SB,but i have no clue who the hell they are...lol:star:
  4. Eddie

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    Who cares what they think ???
  5. JBell523

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    I could care less about the opinions of celebs on sports though. Most of them are front-runnin, bandwagoners.
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    Hov the god mc
  7. cajuncocoa

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    I'll take it! :wink2:
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    Oh great, we have all of the stupid arse rappers on our side.........
  9. TheCount

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    I see you just joined the forum in December. Why team, pray tell, were you a fan of before that?
  10. Gemini Dolly

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    I know Jayz, Dupri is Janet Jackson's man, right? Who the hell is Fobuloso?
  11. JBell523

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    You non rap/hip-hop heads crack me up.
  12. Austinrocks

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    Your question makes no sense, are u a rapper? I am and have always been a Cowboy fan, what does the date I decided to join this forum have anything to do with anything???????
  13. Bob Sacamano

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    to be fair

    Fabolous hasn't been relevant for years
  14. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Actually, he went away for a minute and has been solid since

    This thread should be moved though. CZ doesnt do well w/ rap talk
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    bleh i hate any predictions, whether itd be celebs, experts, fans...so pointless
  16. MONT17

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    did he flash the # number of beast sign b4 or after the prediction?
  17. Bob Sacamano

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    my b, Tabitha Storm
  18. thechosen1n2

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    for real. Jay is a long time cowboy fan 1, and two, if you dont know who jay z is you have been in a closet since 96 (98 for most fans). Not only is he the greatest mc ever, his a business mogul. 96 worth 100 thousand, 2010 he is worth over almost a billion.

    The Black Warren Buffet.
  19. StylisticS

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    Would it be better if we had stupid country singers and stupid rock stars on our side as well?

    Anyway. Chalk up another celebrity Cowboy fan. Didn't know that about JD. Knew about Jigga though.
  20. thechosen1n2

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    Whats thats suppose to mean, and Jay z is far from stupid. Great Business mind. I guess Rapper is the equivalent to stupid to you.

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