JBScouting Mailbag: profile of Stony Brook center Paul Fenaroli and other tidbits.

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    Fan: What are your thoughts on Paul Fenaroli, Center from Stony Brook University?
    Josh: By far the top center in the Big South but at just 6'2, 289 pounds is not the ideal size for a NFL center. From watching him we don't think his skills translate to the NFL quite yet but do believe he can play in the UFL or CFL. To get more NFL looks he would need to improve his 5.40 40, which is what the NFL has on him, and bulk up to over 300. The problem with that is that its much easier said than done to gain 10 pounds and drop time off the 40-yard dash.

    Fan: I just wanted to give you an update on Zack Eskridge. He has recovered 100% from his shoulder injury and is throwing the ball better than ever. I haven't seen him on any of your projections and just wandered if it was due to his injury last year?
    Josh: From junior film we thought he was very good in D2 but didn't see the arm strength needed in the NFL. We do need to see some later film from this past season but were hearing the same things from coaches. Eskridge is a very talented passer who has been productive and has the size to be a good player in the CFL or UFL. Although, the NFL is weak at QB compared to past years so it would not be surprising to see him latch on a practice squad and if he can improve the arm strength and show he is healthy anything can happen. We appreciate the update on his injury status and will definitely be looking to see how he does at his pro day.

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