News: Jennifer Floyd Engel: A different read

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Cbz40, Aug 6, 2004.

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    In my opinion she's the best writer our there.
  2. SuspectCorner

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    suggesting the "dumbed down" offense was because of carter is out of line. the entire unit showed early flashes and then abruptly fizzled out. protection was a myth. running game below average. bad routes and dropped balls aplenty. she's just another axe-grinder.
  3. junk

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    What is wrong with saying the offense was dumbed down? This has been reported many places. Maybe not the best word for it, simplified perhaps, not uncommon with young QBs. However, Carter obviously wasn't the sharpest guy given his recent transgressions. For some reason, he was the only player that it was bad to suggest this though.
  4. Hostile

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    Out of morbid curiosity why do you ask this?

    If 31 other teams aren't making him want to change his phone number so he can get some sleep why do we need to take a look at him?

    I am an admitted Pac-10 homer and even I admit he is over rated.

    Not just no, goodness no.

    If we are looking for another vet QB (which I highly doubt) I would sincerely hope Akili is not on the radar screen.
  5. Erik_H

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    Jeez, you certainly have a hell of a lot more tact than I do.
  6. SuspectCorner

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    just don't believe that quincy was THE reason the offense was simplified. yet that is the theory "little house on the prairie" gal is submitting. it's feeble. i watched that offense. lotta chinks in the armor.
  7. jimmy40

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    Parcells said last year he cuts the offense and the field down for all young quarterbacks.

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