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    Parcells' call for better offense no call to arms
    By Jennifer Floyd Engel
    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    IRVING - Coach Bill Parcells' declaration Monday that the Cowboys have "a chance to be better" this season was hardly Joe Namath-esque, but his detailing of the areas the team needed to improve on to make the jump from 2003 playoff participant to 2004 Super Bowl contender were very revealing.

    "Score more points, throw less interceptions, create more turnovers," Parcells said.

    If it sounds like a call for better quarterback play and feels like a call for quarterback play, it probably is. Parcells, however, said he was not implying the Cowboys needed to be better at quarterback to be better overall.

    "I don't want the onus to be on the quarterback position," he said. "We have to be better offensively. We've got to score more points and turn it over less, and most of our turnovers were in the interception area."

    The quarterback who shows he can take care of the football the best is likely to win the starting job -- and it is becoming more and more evident there is a competition for the job, with no front-runners. Parcells said Monday he intends to keep rotating snaps equally between Quincy Carter, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Henson and Tony Romo, like during the three-day minicamp.

    "Probably so for a little while, and then I don't have enough time," Parcells said. "I will say, and don't hold me to this because I reserve the right to change my mind, I will try to keep it pretty status quo maybe into the first two preseason games and then after that ... "

    Allen looking good

    Not only did previously persona non grata offensive lineman Larry Allen participate in the Cowboys' three-day minicamp, but he used the opportunity to show Bill Parcells he is serious about getting back into his good graces.

    Allen showed up in shape and worked hard.

    "He's OK. He really is," Parcells said. "His weight is under control already and he seems to be able to get through OK. That's all I care about. If he can do that, everything will be fine."


    • Wide receiver Randal Williams missed minicamp on Monday to be with his mother, who was having surgery.

    • The fight at right cornerback is getting intriguing. By making a couple of plays during the minicamp, rookie Bruce Thornton put himself into the race with Pete Hunter and Jemeel Powell.
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    These are two things I like to hear.

    If Allen can stay in shape and return to form that would be huge for our offense this year.

    Also, it would be great if Thornton develops into a player and not only prove the critics wrong but also provide us with another quality CB.
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    Yes, Allen back in shape would be a HUGE plus, (Pardon the pun)

    It would also allow Petterman more time to get use to the NFL unless Gurode folds at RG...I know I sure don't want Lehr playing...anywhere...

    Tucker will be interesting as well...If he can play well it will give us time for Rogers to develop as a RT...

    Johnson & Dina at C will be a key fight as well...

    If a guy like Thorton can make plays early...its gravy!

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