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    Just wanted all of you to know that CBS has put Jericho on You Tube. It’s the first CBS series to be released this way.

    Jericho is an alternate future story of what happens when America is attacked and the government crumbles. The people of the small town of Jericho must deal with the unthinkable and find a way to survive. Jericho shows how people rise to the challenges around them, and in today’s world their story is inspiring. Come check out this great series that was too good for commercial television, but is watched by millions worldwide via the internet. (for outside US)

    Please note that the You Tube playlist is not in the correct order. The correct order is listed below this message.

    You are also invited to come join the Jericho community at UniversalHD (UHD) which is currently airing Jericho:

    Episode Order:
    1. Pilot (The First Seventeen Hours)
    2. Fallout
    3. Four Horsemen
    4. Walls of Jericho
    5. Federal Response
    6. 9:02
    7. Long Live the Mayor
    8. Rogue River
    9. Crossroads
    10. Red Flag
    11. Vox Populi
    11.5 Return to Jericho (recap episode)
    12. The Day Before
    13. Black jack
    14. Heart of Winter
    15. Semper Fidelis
    16. Winter’s End
    17. One Man’s Terrorist
    18. A.K.A.
    19. Casus Belli
    20. One If By Land
    21. Coalition of the Willing (will be released soon)
    22. Why We Fight (will be released soon)

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